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  • Now, one of the things I think that attracted you

  • to this film, Robert, is your home life.

  • Animals...

  • Is it a farm you have?

  • Yeah, we wound up inheriting what was an old dog and horse rescue.

  • Oh, I see. Up there, Malibu way, and there were all these empty stables,

  • and I can't stand negative space.

  • Plus I'm a softie at heart and there's a lot of rescue pets...

  • So were these all rescues? Largely, yes.

  • So we've got some llamas. Yes.

  • There's Madre, and that is Fuzzy on the left.

  • Were they rescued from a hairdresser's?


  • Fantastic!

  • They were rescued from I needed sweaters!

  • I think she's gone too short, myself.

  • She's the alpha - don't mess with her.

  • And then you've got these lovely cows. We do.

  • Those are Oreo cows.

  • I saw some in Richmond and then they said they had them

  • up in Santa Barbara, so I said, "Give us a couple."

  • Belted Galloways, I believe they're called.

  • Thank you. Oh! You're welcome.


  • There you go.

  • Hugh Laurie, ladies and gentlemen! How excellent? Cow expert.

  • I sit corrected. Belted Galloways.

  • Oreo cows is cute. It's better.

  • It's probably better.

  • Yeah, if you're six that's how you learn it.

  • Yeah, that's an Oreo cow. But then you've got some

  • very ordinary things. You've got some chickens knocking around.

  • Yes, that's Bert up front.

  • Oh, you don't know the names of the chickens!

  • No, I'm kidding.

  • Now, goats I feel are hard to keep.

  • That's Trigger and Memo.

  • They are pygmy goats, and they are also brother-lovers.

  • Oh!

  • How very modern. It's perfect. Yeah.

  • Do these come in the house?

  • Not when they're active. OK.


  • Is this Trigger or Memo, this one?

  • Oh, my God.

  • That is our newest one and his sweet name is Flash,

  • and he's a real rescue...

  • Because he looks like he is possessed by the devil.

  • And then you have one of the most relaxed cats I've ever seen.

  • Aw!

  • That's Montgomery, named after your great general.

  • That's amazing. He's sort of more of an ointment, really.

  • He has melted - the cat has melted.

  • Yes, he's heavily sedated there.


Now, one of the things I think that attracted you


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