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  • I, um, is definitely no family kind of Dracula, this one, and it looks just terrifying.

  • It's about blood is literally about blood.

  • It will offer lots of shocks.

  • It's very exciting, just absolutely terrifying.

  • There are really horrifying scene.

  • You don't get more dramatic than this, Tony.

  • Take one.

  • Mr.

  • Harker, you must take this.

  • That's very kind of you.

  • Thank you.

  • I couldn't.

  • You must.

  • I suppose the thing about Dracula is it's one of those characters, uh, that you you want a crack at, You want you want your own version off?

  • I think every era has done his Dracula, and there's something irresistible about having a having a go at such an iconic character.

  • And as with Gela Combs and Baker Street, you know, briefly having the keys of the castle to play around It's irresistible but exciting.

  • Something that Bram Stoker did way back in 80 97.

  • He's sort of crystallized an awful lot of vampire legend into this fantastic, clearly immortal character.

  • The thing that we thought we could try and it was very, very challenging, very, very difficult was to make Dracula the main character.

  • I know that sounds slightly odd, but If you look at the book, he's not any of that much.

  • He's in the first few chapters, and then he's he's in the background.

  • So how do you actually put the spotlight on Dracula?

  • What we've got here, this Dracula is very.

  • It's quite closely connected to the brand Stoker novel, the high adventure novel.

  • There's lots of daring do, lots of coach chases.

  • There's lots of stuff like that.

  • So we tried to embrace all that.

  • I am place on dhe.

  • I, um, playing Dracula.

  • I immediately like I thought, I love that name.

  • I hope he's right.

  • He's right for it one of the very few occasions where the bad guy is the main guy.

  • It's a tough ass casting Dracula because you actually want to say he's he's so attractive and charming and interesting that is worth giving up the rest of your life for one night with this guy.

  • Place was really the anyone that was in our sights, really.

  • He brings 100% commitment to the role huge energy, huge sort of sexual energy as well as being a kind of demonic force.

  • So I played Jonathan Harker.

  • He's a lawyer from England on dhe.

  • He gets sent to Dracula's castle to finalize the deeds of a house for Count Dracula.

  • Jonathan Harker, of course, famously is the first character to introduce us to Dracula.

  • I bid you welcome.

  • Heart is very important to me.

  • For him not to be too much of a of a pushover.

  • He's an incredibly courageous man.

  • I'm playing the character of Meena on Dhe.

  • She is very much in love with her, fianc?

  • John snark and will do anything to make sure that he's safe.

  • I paid for this role by becoming just completely obsessed with Ian Debt.

  • I was just so excited that Mark and Steven were making it really, because when I read, it was like, This is so perfect.

  • Of course they should do this because their style suits it so well because I think they're both a little Bill Doc themselves and twist that human, which is just Dracula, my character school sister Agatha.

  • And she is not like many nuns you've seen before.

  • He cannot be trusted alone with a man.

  • Consider yourself Sheppard.

  • She's a really modern day hair, and she's really brave.

  • She's brilliant.

  • What Dali brings to it is an immense grasp of comedy.

  • If you combine all the qualities of an atheistic, all numb with a sort of actually hero, my hugely way has got to be found in our prayer.

  • No, I play the mother superior months superiors like a dragon at the front of the gates off the convent, protecting the nuns and protecting the sanctity of the place with the forces of darkness, which to attack a convent sensitive to criticism.

  • But she's up against it with Dracula.

I, um, is definitely no family kind of Dracula, this one, and it looks just terrifying.


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ドラクエを死から蘇らせた方法- BBC (How we brought Dracula back from the dead! - BBC)

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