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  • A question people ask a lot is

  • "If there is a God, why are there still so many problems in my life?"

  • To you I do not have an absolute answer.

  • There could be many factors in play.

  • It could be the mistakes we've made, a wrong decision, a bad move.

  • It could be part of God's plan

  • It could be God building us up through these difficulties.

  • One way or another, we all encounter problems.

  • As a matter of fact, believe in God or not, we all have different issues to face in this life.

  • Yet what determines fate is--

  • whether we cling on to God or not throughout the journey.

  • Don't try to sort out your problems on your own

  • Don't try to take them into your own hands.

  • Try to work them out with God.

  • In the face of adversity, hold on tight to the Lord..

  • 'cos the Lord has the power to bring you through

  • In fact, the problems that we face in this world are trivial.

  • Oh, how could my financial status be trivial?

  • How could my health issues be trivial?

  • How could the problems concerning my academics, my career be trivial?

  • Yes, I agree.

  • There is every rightful reason to fret over these big issues in life.

  • However, that comes from humankind's point of view.

  • What is big in our eyes isn't necessarily big in the eyes of God.

  • In the eyes of God, The biggest problem in life is meeting, trusting and following the Lord

  • That is the hardest thing to achieve.

  • It is never easy to follow the Lord.

  • It is not easy to 100% entrust yourself in the Lord's hands.

  • And if you've done so, the other earthly problems...

  • they're merely trivial, the way God sees it.

  • Quoting the Bible.

  • "God is faithful. He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear."

  • The obstacles in front of you may seem unsurpassable.

  • But remember, they've been all carefully measured and filtered to meet your capability.

  • To make sure you have what it takes to overcome, to resolve each and every single one of them.

  • And in addition to that, you are not in this alone

  • You are with God.

  • God is with you.

  • You have to take God into account

  • Cuz what you can't, God can.

  • What you can't, God is capable of making you capable.

  • So yes, even when you believe in God, there's still gonna be tons of problems coming at you.

  • There might be even more or tougher problems when you're trying to achieve God's will.

  • Yet the difference is--

  • When you entrust yourself with the Lord, ..

  • You are no longer in this alone.

  • You are no longer fighting on your own.

  • You are in good hands.

  • The hands of God.

  • God bless you

  • 不管相信或不相信 神,每一個人都有各自的問題,然而命運是取決於你有多麽大膽地跟 神一起採取行動

A question people ask a lot is


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神が存在するなら、なぜ私の人生にはまだ問題が多いのか|小さな信仰 (If God exists, why are there still so many problems in my life?|A Little Faith)

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