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  • SPEAKER: In this video, you'll see

  • how you can get TensorBoard working

  • with Keras-based TensorFlow code.

  • In this example, I'm using the Fashion MNIST dataset

  • to do some basic computer vision, where

  • I can train a Keras neural network to classify

  • items of clothing.

  • It's set to train for five epochs,

  • and you can see the progress, including

  • the loss and the accuracy, in the output window.

  • We can see that it finishes training

  • with an accuracy of about 86%, and we

  • output some sample predictions.

  • But how do we visualize this with TensorBoard?

  • Let's start by importing the time library

  • and TensorBoard itself.

  • It can be found in tensorflow.pytho

  • n.kera.callbacks.

  • Next, after the model is defined,

  • we want to instantiate TensorBoard.

  • Note that we specify a log directory

  • where stuff will get written.

  • Finally, as the model is training

  • in the function, we need

  • to tell Keras to call back to TensorBoard.

  • We simply do this by specifying the callback's parameter

  • and tell it to use whatever we call the TensorBoard instance.

  • In this case, it's all lowercase tensorboard.

  • Now, in your terminal, you can execute the TensorBoard

  • command, pointing at the log directory

  • that you just specified.

  • You'll see that it executes, and it gives me

  • a TensorBoard at HTTP Machine Name colon 6,006.

  • Now, if I retrain again, when it's done,

  • I can take a look in TensorBoard.

  • TensorBoard will launch, and I can start investigating things

  • like the loss and the accuracy.

  • I can also look at the graph that

  • was built for the training.

  • And that's just how to get it up and running.

  • There's lots of great things that you can do further with

  • TensorBoard, and you can see them

  • at

  • To learn more about TensorFlow, visit

  • For more videos about TensorFlow,

  • click the Subscribe button, and if you've

  • any questions about this video, please leave them

  • in the comments below.

  • Thank you.




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KerasでTensorBoardを使う(今週のTensorFlowのヒント (Using TensorBoard with Keras (TensorFlow Tip of the Week))

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