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  • unless they are.

  • It's a Cory and Stones ira from buying me or metal.

  • Neha told CNN means Oh, God!

  • Sorry, Saslow.

  • It's hot.

  • And then foreign money don't.

  • Seven tow love 100.

  • Come on, stick on their house.

  • I own Chris.

  • I wanna end your oven.

  • Ready?

  • Seven Hunger.

  • Okay, Tony, can you do?

  • Could you hear what I got?

  • Hannagan?

  • Warm it on an op ed 100 asylum.

  • We saw it all.

  • It had a run in.

  • Yeah, tell either gone wrong doing that.

  • He'd say hungry tunes on it is our Richelle Sit down.

  • Who's even?

  • So?

  • Go on.

  • Go Wish it on then.

  • That's it, woman.

  • Gotta hockey.

  • And then the next cost him money.

  • Sibanda was even blow your cereal waters Here, pick one pick on there and then for Toto.

  • But it's all cut, reproduce guy.

  • So we'll be gone.

  • We're back on the run in.

  • Oh, Terry, Not calm.

  • Gotten Montana.

  • Consider Texas like it's a to pay.

  • There's Oliver.

  • Give me that ton on.

  • Tell on it on then, Maman.

  • Darcy gets month.

  • You don't know where to go.

  • Coined the revenue.

  • Curse of a sick of hotel.

  • Could it go bonkers?

  • how McKee is on them.

  • Tellem thought his head on the eastern in Tunica.

  • Cold and my lung.

  • Oh, man on you ve told I'm gay Hunger bottle cocksucker.

  • Come on, you go broke a heel number.

  • Ones up illegal was here sometime.

  • EBay or C bomb?

  • See?

  • It's on Arabic.

  • Munn woman Height on your wagon.

  • Oh, no.

  • Young Zang Temic gets higher.

  • Push on Maya.

  • They are of Lim Hyung gu.

  • Okay, honey.

  • Pretty cool.

  • Hunger gets all cocky.

  • Joker cocaine into our get physical layout.

  • You're off the radar eyes on, then Gotham Hospital in years.

  • And I are You're often very accurate tickle with heart disease.

  • Could it go on?

  • The youngster needs him.

  • We sit around.

  • So it's a volatile issue.

  • Go, Instagram.

unless they are.


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韓国で1ドルの価値はいくら?| 超簡単韓国語17 (How much is a dollar worth in Korea? | Super Easy Korean 17)

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