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  • hated.

  • I'm highlighting today.

  • I'm highly gang.

  • We're making a pasta caprese salad.

  • It's like a caprese salad.

  • But with Boston added, I just really have done that.

  • Sounds anyway.

  • It's good, I promise.

  • So let's get started.

  • I've got my pasta cooking over there and the first thing we'll just whipped together a quick little been a grant of olive oil.

  • And then I'm gonna use some white wine vinegar.

  • And I really love to use both solid vinegar on a caprese salad.

  • But I don't want the color of balsamic vinegar interfering with my trickle or a salad looking thing going on here.

  • So money is some champagne vinegar and then add a little bit of sugar.

  • I know that they make white balsamic, but I never tried it and honestly, seems a little bit like sorcery to me, So use it if you want to, but I am scared of it for some stupid reason.

  • And then I'm gonna add a little sugar to sweeten it up.

  • Like balsamic vinegar is just like a teaspoon, really, not very much.

  • And if you're on low sugar thing, then just leave it out.

  • But if you're on a lush everything.

  • You're probably not eating much pasta either.

  • So maybe just find a different recipe.

  • I'm gonna add a little crushed red pepper because the legacy facet and some salt just get that stirred to get the sugar dissolves on.

  • Then I've got some cherry tomatoes when I used the one food hack, but I've ever tried from, like, one most particles, whatever that actually works.

  • Get a plastic lid toe, hold them in place.

  • You just get your life.

  • And like a sharp knife.

  • Super sharp knife.

  • Guys, it does work, as you can see, whatever you can also just do it by hand.

  • It really doesn't take that along.

  • Add it to the vinaigrette, get just coded.

  • And then we're gonna tear up some basil.

  • So, Chef, baby, tear this up for me, please.

  • Thanks.

  • So while he's working on his basil, I'll work on mine and then we'll compare and see who does a better job.

  • So I don't want to add this in until the very end, but we could go ahead and tear it up while we're waiting for the positive cook.

  • Because time is like waste not want, not Time is perhaps the most important resource of all wisdom.

  • Hash.

  • Tag it.

  • Okay, so I've got my pasta here it's cooked, it's drain.

  • And then I rinsed it with cold water and swished it around to chill it around you.

  • And then we can add in some mozzarella.

  • So this is fresh mozzarella diced up.

  • That's the reason I chilled.

  • The pasta was just so it doesn't melt too much and turn into, like, a real stringy, cheesy mess.

  • And then the basil.

  • Do you have the basil back there?

  • Chef Baby, Totally fired.

  • Never mind.

  • Good thing I did some work.

  • Such simple, delicious flavors.

  • All right, this risk, me and all my recipes are always available at Hello bleeding dot com.

  • Let me make this picture hash.

  • Tag it on instagram.

  • I like cooking hash tag wisdom, and I'll see it and I'll give you a thumbs up heart.

  • Let's try this.

  • Now.

  • I'm just gonna use the spoon because let's be really I'm probably gonna eat this whole thing for lunch.

  • It's delicious.

  • It's a great twist on great talent.

  • And look, it's a whole meal just for me.

  • Things were watching number subscribe anything.



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