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  • Aubrey, thanks coming in bud.

  • We're gonna get straight to it.

  • I know the NBA wants you to tone everything down, but we want to take it to another level.

  • There's levels to this, amirite?

  • We want you to have more life on the sideline.

  • We see that your already under Draymond's skin.

  • We love it.

  • Now it's time to get Kawhi on your skin.

  • We know a guy that does a sweet cover up.

  • He can get you Kawhi's laughing face on your forearm!

  • Ehh!

  • We thought about doing a removal but that would take way too long.

  • Plus, now you don't have to wear that dumb headband on your arm.

  • We know that you got the lint from Steph Curry's head.

  • We're gonna need that before you leave.

  • We've already been in contact with multiple voodoo witch doctors.

  • You wouldn't happen to know where we could find some Indonesian gallbladders and some

  • virgin rabbit feet from?

  • Ok, that's fine.

  • We'll work that out later.

  • Finally, I do just want to put one thing on your radar:

  • Pusha T might be coming to some of these games.

  • Just be ready for that and have that diss track ready to go.

  • Cause like a sprained ankle boy we ain't nothing to play with!

  • Am I right?

  • Haha!

  • Now I love what you're doing.

  • Let's get in the right mindset.

  • Keep it going.

  • Like I like this.

  • But we need this for game 2!

  • Ok, and don't worry about what the Warriors fans are saying on social media.

  • They're salty!

  • Kawhi me a river, ok.

  • Let's keep this momentum going, Aubrey.

  • We're gonna win game 2 and just hold on baby we're coming home.

  • Hahaha!

  • I gotta take this.

  • Durant?

  • Hey, I heard you wanted to start a new chapter.

  • I'm a grown man.

Aubrey, thanks coming in bud.


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