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  • It's a new culture bean chief conductor.

  • Various organizations in the past 17 years in Los Angeles when Alan proposed this composing residents thing a few years ago that this is pretty perfect.

  • Alan Gilbert is going to conduct most off my works, and I have such great admiration for him.

  • The New York Philharmonic is one of the very few orchestras in the world where I feel that I can really ask for almost impossible things on they still deliver.

  • They play contemporary music with the same kind of conviction and abandoned as they would play Brahms or Beethoven.

  • Bruckner.

  • What?

  • Whatever.

  • It's a very seminal piece.

  • It kind of ties together the two sides of my personality.

  • I had bean long enough in L.

  • A too feel free of the European modernist cannon.

  • I was no longer afraid of people.

  • Is I just folks Okay, I know I really have to done self composed.

  • Finally, quite, I realize that I have to write music that I I would like to perform.

  • The first performance off the space was in tutus, and I started to think about the cultural history of Zurich and I realized that of course, this is a place where daughter was born.

  • Then I remembered that ball.

  • Hawass may be the father of data had written this marijuana Early on, you can read it in many different ways.

  • It can be like a almost like an ornament, a poetic description of ah, caravan like a circus, endlessly going around a mountain, stopping, giving a performance to the next place.

  • I thought that I want to find material.

  • I can use the words as phonetic material without worrying about the syntax, and then on the move it or I can create my own meaning.

  • Messina is really unique.

  • And if your mistress music it doesn't follow any laws off established laws of composition, it's more like a statement.

  • Other statement yet another statement.

  • And I can't you think of anyone else use quite this sort of principles.

  • So you hear one measure off, monsieur, and you know it's by him.

  • What's attracts me, too.

  • This must've compositions sort of outrageous, limitless, free nature of it.

  • He goes from, uh, kind of outrageously sickly sweet expression to really austere Constructivist expression within 1 75 minute span, and that makes it endlessly fascinating.

  • I'm very excited to be involved in the planning off the next biannual.

  • And I think it's a fantastic concept that that so many different organizations and groups on ideas come together to be able to play new music in smaller venues away from those off establishment.

  • Today, the musical scene in New York, led by the film, seems very vibrant and open minded.

  • I'm very lucky in the sense that I'm able to work with this organization during which later in history will be called one of the golden periods of demonic, I'm sure.

It's a new culture bean chief conductor.


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