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  • Hey, kids, today we're making no churn bubble gum ice cream U two's best for creative things.

  • It's cooking and crap.

  • Um, hey, kids, we're back and we're making some bubble gum.

  • No turn by a scream.

  • And I want to thank my niece, Gracie, for asking me to please do some no turn ice creams because I am having a ton of fun trying to come up with different things to do.

  • And this was the latest.

  • So what we want to do is we want to put in two cups of heavy cream and we're gonna add some food coloring to this.

  • I had actually gone out and purchased some, you know, some Wilton coloring.

  • But I remembered when I went to Picon that I had received these colors free.

  • When Jen, who is cupcakes and cardio, was there with makers and bakers and they were giving those away free whipped this up until stiff peaks form and we will add more fun things to it on, we asked.

  • So the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna add this candy and baking flavor and bubble gum flavour.

  • Now this as a super strength four times stronger than extracts.

  • So we're gonna go a little easy on this because normally you would put like a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

  • What if this is four times the strength we want to go a little easy.

  • We're gonna go maybe about 1/2 of a teaspoon, and then we'll see how how that tastes.

  • When this is blended up.

  • Now we're gonna add I can already smell it.

  • It's quite a bit, um and we're adding in a 14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk on.

  • We're gonna beat this until the color is uniform.

  • It's all mixed in there.

  • Well, so we'll bring you back when that's completed.

  • It did end up meeting more flavoring as I gave it a little bit of taste.

  • So I added in the rest.

  • All right, so I'm gonna put in about 1/3 to 1/2 of the what?

  • Ice cream and then the gumballs that I cut in half.

  • I'm gonna add those in part of that.

  • And now now, the reason why he would cut these up is I found out some people had suggested that, um, freezing them made them easier to cut.

  • But, um, they really weren't and really, they were like, um, jaw breakers.

  • Basically, Andi, I found that that would be a little on the dangerous side, especially for younger kids, you know?

  • And, you know, with this being bubble gum.

  • So don't freeze them because they also allowed the color.

  • You know, the coloring to kind of come off on the chopping board, And I would rather the color come off in the ice cream versus the chopping board.

  • And I would suggest when you have your kids eating mess when they get a bubble gum to just pull it out, put it on the side.

  • And then when they're done with their ice cream, then get their gum and threw their gum.

  • Because, like I said, job breakers not fun.

  • If you end up having a child, choke on it.

  • I love the color of this.

  • This is just absolutely beautiful.

  • This is the color, right?

  • Rosa?

  • Wilton, Color right hand.

  • Now we're going to top thieves with more what will come.

  • And it would probably be prettier if you know you put them like that just for pretty pictures or whatever.

  • The kids aren't gonna care if it's gonna be for a for a birthday party ing.

  • It would probably be more visually beautiful like that.

  • And of course, you know, there's always food, porn pics that you always take that always make everything look so much better because, you know, you eat with your eyes first, right?

  • And I had some of these bigger gumballs that kind of ruined, so I cut some of those up.

  • But now this is gonna go into the freezer overnight.

  • Most of these no turns say, after five hours, you can eat them.

  • But I found that it was just a little soft.

  • But if you let it go for 24 hours, it is the same consistency as you would get from regular, I guess.

  • Cream.

  • So, um, let it sit.

  • Bubble gum.

  • No churn.

  • I scream once again.

  • Thank you.

  • Great.

  • See, love you.

  • And we'll be back when we serve this up if you like.

  • That came that.

  • And he may Don't forget to smash that light, but smash it with your phone go ice cream.

  • If you made one coming and subscribe Steps on baby gives the thumbs up.

  • That's the thumb that you should smash, right?

  • Wait.

  • I have to say good bye Commons and subscribe.

  • Why be so great?

Hey, kids, today we're making no churn bubble gum ice cream U two's best for creative things.


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