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  • I thought, This is the new updated Goldfarb are exciting.

  • 310 horsepower now, But it also has an electronic camera, which means I can conduct a scientific experiment.

  • Mae, what am I doing here?

  • Your ballast ballast?

  • Yeah.

  • Why haven't I got any this protective stuff?

  • Because you're bigger than me.

  • You're upset.

  • The weight balance, Side to side of the car.

  • This is science.

  • Rory, Come on, Get with it.

  • Why don't you get mad as ballast involved?

  • Lots of paperwork.

  • Suddenly when I don't involve paperwork you don't, Right.

  • Here we go.

  • Consumer information for you.

  • You're driving along at motorway speeds of 120 miles an hour.

  • German motorway speed.

  • Don't try this at home unless you've got some budget hockey equipment.

  • Okay, here we go.

  • Let's pull the lever.

  • Warning.

  • Parking brake active.

  • And we're stopping.

  • Really, really quite gently.

  • Only clutch down.

  • Well, that was, um a science goes quite useful.

  • Who would have thought that the brakes stopped the car?

  • The Germans have thought of everything.

  • Everything literally dialled the fun.

  • So what we've got there is just a flat that if you want to put a passenger, you could pull and it would be no problem coming to hope.

  • But it bang your head on the steering wheel.

  • Yeah, gives up ur helmet.

  • Um, that's quite impressive the way they've made that work.

  • But it doesn't mean the death of one thing.

  • Yeah, breaks out.

  • Try one now.

  • Oh, Rory, this is a very, very sad day.

  • Computer says no computer says no.

I thought, This is the new updated Goldfarb are exciting.


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