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  • traction off the line.

  • Very clear dashboard so I could see the shift lights and get my shift.

  • I'm just right handles.

  • Click beautifully.

  • Just tell it's a proper car.

  • Pitch it in immediately.

  • I'm having fun.

  • Open differential.

  • But McClaren have this very, very clever system where they can break a wheel, make it feel like it has looking.

  • And I have to say, even though it doesn't quite feel like an LSD, it's so close you don't really worry.

  • You just marvel at how nimble thing feels just goes, wash.

  • It goes on.

  • This is a spider, but it makes no difference.

  • Biggest mine because of the McClaren carbon tub it shut the roof off.

  • A Ferrari makes a big difference.

  • Chopper refill from McCarran.

  • There's a small weight penalty, but it really drives just the same.

  • Agile, nimble, fast.

  • It's beautiful, cool, a bit of admiration for this thing.

traction off the line.


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クリス・ハリスラップ:マクラーレン570Sスパイダー|エクストラギア|BBC (Chris Harris Lap: McLaren 570S Spider | Extra Gear | BBC)

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