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  • take a salary.

  • It's Alex.

  • And in this desert of Mundo's home, Atticus, I will show you how to buy, store and organize your spices.

  • Three.

  • International.

  • Siri's about spices.

  • It's It's like the fourth episode is the failed.

  • Okay, it's failed.

  • This video is part of a series about spices where we try to understand, classify each and every spice the planet has to offer.

  • So maybe not all of them at this will do Cumin.

  • Which one should you have?

  • We have to get them how to organize them.

  • And what about blends?

  • Welcome to the 1st 2 episodes of the series.

  • Where about spices themselves?

  • I mean, which one should you have?

  • If you only had 136 or 12 spices in your country, which them now or at the end of the deal that I believe disappears?

  • That is gonna be way more practical in the sense that I would share where I buy cheap and quality spices and also how I stole and I organize gonna be about me, Okay.

  • Everything is gonna be about me.

  • All my videos are more or less about me.

  • So I've got ego issues.

  • So in my previous kitchen.

  • I already had a spice organization system, which I thought was genius, but it turns out it's just rubbish.

  • You see, one day you're at the top and before you know you're just Anyway, I've got this brand new studio right now, and that system needs to be completely riddle wear to get good and cheap spices.

  • Spices can be both in many places, but not all of them are equals in terms off prices, quality and choices.

  • Supermarkets.

  • It's kind okay.

  • Spices are not exactly their thing, so I would only go there for common spices on which they have a good general of stock.

  • Black pepper, cinnamon, you know, do stuff ethnic grocery stores.

  • And now we're talking African grocery store.

  • Nice, especially to go to North African stores.

  • Chinese grocery store.

  • Good lots of good spices, and they have cheap prices.

  • Middle Eastern grocery store better Usually, you'll get more choices.

  • Injun grocery store building being the best old spice is you can dream up online if you live in a remote place.

  • I guess you can always go and buy your spices online.

  • To be truly honest, I never did that, so that would be great if you guys went to share your generation experience in the comments, right?

  • So now to the organization system.

  • In order to improve it efficiently, we must first know what was wrong and right, Right?

  • So this is a re enactment, I remember.

  • On a shelf above my kitchen boat, I used to closed boxes filled up with small glass jars and plastic bags.

  • Jars were closed with a lit and bags with a clothes peg, often elastic.

  • Bend those boxes off pink meanings, blocks directs and night, which is good.

  • Otherwise spices will blemish.

  • I did not have a direct overview of all my spices.

  • I mean, that's fine if you know which spices you are looking for.

  • But enough, if you're creating, are hacking a recipe where you need to be able to review all your options at once.

  • Plastic bags were convenient if I needed a tablespoon of something convenient, yes, but definitely not, which is a massive issue, considering the fact that spices will quickly spoil through oxidation.

  • The shelf was finer from the stove or the window, which is important as heat slowly spoil spices of our time, a job with a lead in a box with a lead on a distant shelf is not what I call convenience, right?

  • So using all that experience, I guess the perfect theoretical solution would be to use a convenient containers tight off cook's opaque, absolutely.

  • And with labels on each and every spice that you can actually see in an instance.

  • Easy, right.

  • What we have to do is to build it.

  • Okay, I'm really proud to unveil one of the biggest asset this to you has to offer.

  • And it's right there, right there, you concede?

  • But I can see the tower off.

  • Baber, I mean the Tower of Spaces.

  • But it's the same to let me show you how this world you've got 85 48 drawers and in each drawer like this Commander on the air, Poof, Ziploc bag with the spiciness.

  • And this is true for all the spices on this magnificent power off cable.

  • But the main reason I love Spice Tower is because of the general overview I instantly have over my spices.

  • Human fellow fenugreek, Mr.

  • Seat, Nutmeg, Rose buds, She Jimmy Sichuan smoked paprika.

  • I mean, it's so real.

  • So seriously, I can't wait to cook with this spice the will to tell.

  • Well, Baber, What name?

  • What a name again.

  • And I hope you like this sort of moon does.

  • How much did they give you?

  • Like a thumbs up and share that video over your social media?

  • Spread it like better.

  • I really like I really, really like making this series about spices.

  • I'm learning so much stuff.

  • I see you guys next time.

take a salary.


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