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  • welcome to the Arizona Dam in Switzerland is worth about 500 million quid and we are about to throw a car.

  • So on top of the dam here, Fred is just trying really has been no nothing about Freddie.

  • He's remarkably no inside he's thinking thing is a slightly bigger undertaking.

  • Initially my position film that scene checking Instagram because he looks so good because it's all about you get the right filter his face.

  • But it looks it looks just a sketchy Is it deep into the box over there?

  • I'm just gonna call the life You still know mine has been this Friday coming a great green and gray.

  • They're gonna have you walk.

  • You don't make thank you.

  • That's a choice.

  • The worst is every now and then you do get these calls.

  • Way found is momentarily way car.

  • As it leaves, the platform is flipping upside down.

  • So the cables momentarily laying flat on the floor of the car.

  • So we're gonna cut anything that is potentially sharp or dangerous or damaging to cable off the bottom of the car.

  • With these today, basically, it's about awning out getting the right trajectory of the moment it's sort diving into the dam a little bit, but way that stinking.

  • Okay, so bit of a run through of today, our aim really be the end of the day is get thio consistent jump lights.

  • It's consistent flight path of the car.

  • The idea is to get the whole weight of the car to the same is what it would be with with Freddie in the car, the old of the camera equipment and everything else going on Ah, nde es Oh, that's one bomber element that's inconsistent and then play around with the other elements, which is the bungee rope, which we can adjust the sort of the length of the drop through various alterations of the slings that you can see behind me on Dhe, then also acts of the adjustment in the angle of the ramp as well.

  • So which is playing with the flight path steep of the angle so the car will nosedive will get a little bit further if we stop shallow that off a little bit, it's gonna come out for the slight Maura swing, but not quite come down this far to go.

  • He's already got Danny boy with God wait for the booth.

  • And, um, he can discuss how happy he was.

  • About 45 minutes he spent hanging over a cliff, Basically waiting for us to get.

  • Look at it.

  • I mean, that is an incredible sight.

  • I've seen you in some positions.

  • That is remarkable.

  • Speaking of which, a brother for this position, I've experienced things in this car.

  • Never experienced life before.

  • Reminded an Oldsmobile Still.

  • Well, they'll go now.

  • I'll tell you know of a project convertible would like that 2055 They wouldn't before.

  • Like that?

  • Yeah, I got what is known in the trade is a way cool.

  • Looks like one of those women used to hang out with you.

  • So you go.

  • You should get a few of these.

  • And yet she's wine lodge.

  • Also one of two ways.

  • Just give him a cold drink.

  • Because I'm looking to be sweating like And you know what?

  • We're up there for an hour.

  • Not even a bottle of water.

  • Nothing.

  • This thing Sky did The Winnebago was like their own having a fund off.

  • Six beauty chilled coke.

  • Zero Someone feed me minstrels.

  • No, no.

  • Yeah.

  • You have no idea how stressful that was for us.

welcome to the Arizona Dam in Switzerland is worth about 500 million quid and we are about to throw a car.


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