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  • Today on TOAD we're taking a look a 'The Great Doctor aka Faith'.

  • 5 Words: Lee Min Ho period drama. OMG!

  • Never really been a fan of the man in the past and period dramas for that matter

  • but Lee Min Ho as an ancient warrior general kind of wipes out the whole gu-jun-pyo of 'Boys Over Flowers'.

  • and the man ain't too bad looking in a suit of armor.

  • Maybe it's the wavy hair,

  • or the fact that he never gets dirty other than the fresh blood stain after a kill.

  • maybe it's just the fact that he's super sexy and has super powers.

  • I featured this drama as my number 2 pick in my TOAD new dramas of August.

  • Click here to check out that link. But after watching a few episodes I'm moving it to number 1.

  • Writer Song Ji Nah, and Director Kim Jung huk

  • team up for the fourth time with this awesome drama.

  • I knew it would be popular because the actors and actresses are really cute. Heck, it stars Lee Min Ho.

  • As his first period drama, I knew it would have a huge following.

  • Little did I know it would actually be really good.

  • Sorry folks I haven't always been an Lee Min Ho fan.

  • But as I said that's changed. What was I thinking?!?

  • Anyways it has a really interesting storyline, and actually made me really interested in Korean history.

  • After one single episode I got online and wiki'ed the crap out of the Goryeo period..

  • Just to try and figure out what might happen.

  • Woo, not afraid of spoilers!?!

  • The story takes place at the end of the Goryeo period in the year 1351.

  • The King Gang Min was held hostage in Yuan (China) is bringing his Yuanese wife to rule over ancient Korea..

  • when they get attacked in an Inn.

  • The assassin scene was pretty cool. Black-clothed ninjas, hard to see. Make them glow!

  • Added benefit: their swords look like light sabers. Total score! I want a light saber.

  • If only I was that cool.

  • Despite General Choi's having super sexiness, mad sword skills,

  • and the super powers of being able to have an electric force field

  • and beams shoot out of his hands, the future queen is attacked and her neck is slashed right down to the juglar.

  • The current doctor can do great things with his acupuncture needles,

  • but despite turning her into a human pin cushion, doesn't have the knowledge to stitch her back up.

  • Irony.

  • The solution? Go to a magic portal and get a doctor from heaven.

  • The general is chosen for the mission, and he walks through

  • the blue swirling portal and goes 'Oppa Gangnam Style'.

  • Long story short he picks up a plastic surgeon named Dr. Eun Su played by Kim Hee Sun.

  • He kidnaps her from Coex, takes her and a plastic police shield back to the past.

  • She heals the future queen and becomes famous for her medical skills,

  • her unusual instruments including the headlamp thingy,

  • and her ability to foretell the future,

  • or in her case the past that she memorized in grade school.

  • And with almost killing the general, the two of them being thrust into the middle of a coup, and the doctor really learning how to care for people, it has depth as well as lightheartedness.

  • Overall it's not really that historically accurate, but who cares.

  • You, f..k..u...

  • you historically must be accurate snooty people you.

  • Just kidding.

  • My favorite part has got to be the narrations.

  • The Korean water color paintings and calligraphy is breathtakingly beautiful,

  • and an ingenious way to show the back story.

  • So now the questions remain. Will she ever get back from the past?

  • Will the King be able to rule Goryeo in peace?

  • Will Lee Min Ho survive?

  • And as a romantic comedy, can love blossom between two eras of the time-space continuum?

  • Guess we're just gonna have to watch to find out. And that raps up this weeks TOAD episode.

  • Don't forget to leave your comments in the comment section below

  • if that's your thing.

  • And, let me know what you think about Faith. Don't forget to subscribe for more TOAD adventures.

Today on TOAD we're taking a look a 'The Great Doctor aka Faith'.


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