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  • -Sketchies!

  • [gun whirring]

  • -Yo bro, whatcha got there?

  • -This is a time machine ray gun.

  • -Sounds awesome! Shoot me, bro!

  • -You should know,

  • it only lets you go somewhere in time for three seconds,

  • then you'll automatically come back.

  • -Whatever! Shoot me bro!

  • [ptew!]

  • Cool! I'm in a Jurassic forest!

  • [screams, dinosaur roars]

  • [screaming]

  • Totally saw a dinosaur.

  • That was awesome, bro! Do it again,

  • only this time, send me to the future, so they can fix my arm.

  • -You sure?

  • -Do it, dude!

  • [ptew!]

  • What's up, future? I'm here to get my arm fixed.

  • [screams, dinosaur roars]

  • [screaming]

  • Totally saw a robot dinosaur, bro!

  • The future is awesome!

  • -Yeah, but it looks like

  • you're probably gonna bleed to death now, huh?

  • -Pbbh, no way, what are you--

  • [groans, body thuds]

  • -Sweeet!

  • -Time machine ray gun

  • Batteries not included. (Yeah!)

  • Captioned by SpongeSebastian



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タイムマシン・レイガン (Time Machine Ray Gun)

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