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  • today is already shaping up to be like any other day, very important meeting.

  • And like you already know, I'm like I'm always late, so unorganized.

  • But at least my name's on the sign that being on time is really important in Japan.

  • But it's a habit that I could never seem to kick.

  • I can already imagine what my manager is thinking.

  • And once reactions You okay?

  • We had to get ready for a business meeting, which meant changing into different, more appropriate clothes.

  • I always have a hard time putting together a decent outfit because I'm such a lazy person by nature engine, I sort of No.

  • What does she know?

  • What she wants you.

  • Luckily, we have the Panasonic clothing steamer and I f s 3 10 to help with our dilemma.

  • This steamer is useful for clothing, emergencies, lightweight, fast acting.

  • And no ironing Lord is required.

  • No kidding me.

  • Keep it.

  • I never used to iron my clothes because I thought it would take too much effort.

  • But steaming That was fast and easy.

  • Why haven't I done this before?

  • Yeah, and well, of course I can't show you what actually happened in the meeting.

  • I can show you what happened after it.

  • Nothing in this world motivates me more than good food.

  • So what better way to end the day than with Japanese?

  • Yeah, Kiku.

  • But eating at a place where you grill your own meat can come at a cost smell often sticks to your clothes, and it could follow you all the way.

  • When that happens, once again, it's this little steamer that saves the day.

  • Using the steamer on your smelly clothes can actually disinfect it and deodorize it pretty neat, eh?

today is already shaping up to be like any other day, very important meeting.


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Saved By The Steamer - 衣類スチーマーに救われた日 (Saved By The Steamer - 衣類スチーマーに救われた日)

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