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  • you can teach them us.

  • I see a guy, Gene.

  • It is here gonna eat dinner together.

  • And there is a right here.

  • Kia is a very famous Japanese restaurant.

  • They have.

  • You don't I guess you'd call it be full in English.

  • I will show you guys what that's like.

  • I like cutting board rocky body, you know, always so many energy saw that vanilla.

  • But first, let's she's real food.

  • What kind of you don't you're gonna get I want to talk.

  • Uh, any, uh, there's a critic gonna men.

  • Male cheese, Aloisio minutes.

  • You don't like the movie?

  • Oishi?

  • 41 minutes.

  • Go along.

  • That nine going the way You don't like this shell in the tofu.

  • The bottom is all just like soft tofu.

  • So good.

  • I love it and it comes up like a like it's not solid and then told you and then the beef on top And the sauce is like I don't know what explains like opponents try and try and explain.

  • The flavor of the sauce is different than a regular, you know.

  • Good night, then.

  • This is mine cheese.

  • It's got three kinds of cheese Parmesan, white cheddar and orange.

  • cheddar cheese.

  • So this size of you know, Woz 380.

  • And there's a bunch of different sizes.

  • Many not me, which is like regular to morning old Mordy, Mordy and mega mega Huge, but it's still pretty cheap.

  • 700 Kenyans of this restaurant support when they got you don't like you, don.

  • They've also got curry of hamburger.

  • My good luck.

  • You don't They also have a yield.

  • Feels kind of expensive.

  • I've never tried this year before.

  • I wonder if it's good coming in from, like everything else.

  • That is awesome.

  • So this is what you would call like burger places in Canada.

  • But in Japan, my favorite restaurant.

  • You other ones, like three main ones.

  • But you know English, Jimmy Spice on your you don't makes it a little spicy, but mostly just adds more flavor.

  • Yummy.

you can teach them us.


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日本のファーストフード。牛丼 (Japanese Fast Food: Gyudon 牛丼)

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