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  • Aereo Child says.

  • I try to you left a Gia and even smells like Chai tea in this week's episode of Me Kinda took it when he phoned, she note you were still in Chiba Prefecture, which is located just a few hours outside of Tokyo.

  • Kid and iron.

  • She bought prefecture at a farm called Masa Boca Joe.

  • I guess it's a place where people could come and experience farm life because, as you know, living in Tokyo are living in any city.

  • In Japan, everything is very congested.

  • It's very hard to find like a green grass animals.

  • So I guess Mazabuka Joe's where people can come and kind of hang out form.

  • Life is like one of these up.

  • It's a creepy, and they also have a free space for people to play with their dogs.

  • So Kitt and I are here in the dog run.

  • I have a Frisbee.

  • He's so excited.

  • He really is.

  • He's He's thrilled.

  • Ready?

  • Watch this.

  • Keep the one night, isn't it?

  • Admitted it.

  • Frisbee.

  • It's, uh, that's it.

  • Wait picking strawberries.

  • You can fill up to the very top here for 1000 yen, says 10 bucks, but they're fresh strawberries, you can choose your own, and they're probably most definitely delicious, so I won't eat.

  • I'm so excited.

  • All right, let's eat it, You know?

  • No, I have a question for you.

  • What is your ideal date spot?

  • Especially in Japan.

  • Where would you like to go?

  • Leave a comment below and let me know.

  • I have a great weekend.

  • I'll see an extract it by.

Aereo Child says.


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NIPPON珍道中 [マザー牧場 Mother Farm in Chiba!] (NIPPON珍道中 [マザー牧場 Mother Farm in Chiba!])

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