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  • I wanna go over here and get the sunset photo in front of the...

  • Uh.

  • Two rocks.

  • So, [email protected]ck it, everybody is going to see my ass and I do not care anymore!

  • As long as I get my shot!

  • It has been so hot in Japan lately, like I think every day it's been over 30℃

  • and the heat index has been at like 40... I think on the highest days it's been like

  • 44℃-45℃.

  • And that is crazy, it's just too hot. It's too hot to live. So, um, today we're going

  • to go to the beach and we're going to have fun, and just spend some time by the ocean

  • because we deserve it! We've been suffering in this heat.

  • Right Kit? Especially you. Especially you.

  • And Tatsu and I are wearing our pants from Vietnam.

  • Pair look!

  • Same pants.

  • It's a thing. I dunno. Yeah, let's go!

  • It's nice to like, watch people in the water doing their paddleboard stuff, and their windsurfing

  • stuff, it'd be nice to live in a place like this, hey ?

  • It's close enough to Fukuoka City, but it's also far enough away that you get to relax,

  • and then you get all this like, natural habitat to play and explore in. It'd be wonderful.

  • So, Tatsu just took a bunch of pictures of me getting my head wet,

  • and so like, I'm the only one that's soaking wet, and he's just like totally fine.

  • And I feel really really awkward about the fact that my butt is definitely hanging out,

  • and like, I'm showing the world my ass, BUT, I wanna go over here and get the sunset photo

  • in front of the two rocks, so [email protected]ck it, everybody's going to see my ass, and I do not care anymore.

  • As long as I get my shot!

  • Ah, this is beautiful!

  • This is so beautiful, are you coming??

  • It is magnificent! I love this! Who needs to go to Okinawa when you can just drive out

  • to Itoshima? Seriously! It's beautiful, I'm so sorry about my hair. We were doing a thing.

  • Ah, you poor baby!

  • He looks so scared!

  • It's alright, buddy!

  • Oh my god!

  • Alright! Now's a good time.

  • You'll be alright, baby!

  • He's shaking.

  • Aww.

  • Just get him wet a bit.

  • Good boy! Good boy! Look! It's nice!

  • Good job, buddy!

  • This is so much fun, you guys!

  • Tatsu--Tatsu!?

  • What are you doing??

  • Watch out! Haha.

  • Kit's just like...

  • Kit's over there like "what's going on?"

  • I've got...I've definitely got a sandy [email protected]

  • I KNOW! My butt is like...

  • Haha, shut up.

  • Ah, this is so much fun!


  • I was able to take the picture I wanted to take.

  • Yeah.

  • Before I came, and I thought it was really great.

  • And I will upload it on Instagram.

  • @Tatsuphotos.

  • And hope you guys like it.

  • I hope so too!

  • I had a really good day!

  • It was good, it was good!

  • Definitely.

  • You know, Okinawa is known for it's beaches but I think some of the beaches in Itoshima

  • and along the coast of Fukuoka are pretty damn good.

  • Good for pictures too!

  • Yes.

  • Definitely.

  • Yeah.

  • This is amazing.

  • It's so romantic! Did you plan this?

  • Yes.

  • Liar!

  • This is like, the happiest thing.

  • Like, how does this happen? It's like our life is a disney movie.

  • Oh my god.

I wanna go over here and get the sunset photo in front of the...


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