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  • Hey guys, good morning and welcome to Sapporo Hokkaido! I'm here with my

  • friend Chiaki and we are here for the Sapporo Snow Festival! It is so cold as you can

  • tell. I'm very happy to have this fluffy scarf that I got in my fukubukuro!

  • We're also joined by Chris and Pete Donaldson, and Natsuki and his wife are here

  • as well. Hi Natsuki! and we're currently exploring

  • the food area, there are so many food stalls. Hokkaido is famous for lots of

  • different foods like potatoes, dairy products, ramen, what else...

  • corn, crabs, everything! All the foods of Japan. They have a kabocha dango

  • pumpkin rice ball - dango shiruko! Yeah red bean soup! I love it. It's a

  • dessert so yeah

  • it looks so warm I never have pumpkin dango

  • it kinda tastes like pumpkin pie, it's so good! it's not too

  • sweet you know if you're kind of iffy about trying the red bean paste that is

  • in a lot of Japanese desserts I think oshiruko is a good place to start

  • because they mix it with hot water it's kind of watered down and it's really

  • yummy and I feel like you guys would all really like it give it up we've got an

  • ice igloo smoking lounge and Natsuki is excited

  • so the main attraction of this festival are the ice and snow sculptures and

  • they're just absolutely amazing when it turns to night they do like a projection

  • light show on them which is really it took 3650 people

  • to build it 28 days maple syrup after sweet Christmas in England

  • should I know in London you cannot get hectic oh yes but detective but

  • Amazake! My favourite

  • She's gonna try amazake for the first time I feel like it for sure

  • it's sweet yeah sweet but not too sweet kind of like rice and sugar

  • okay

  • Nice right? yeah that's like sweet rice

  • How is it?

  • does it taste like beer? Light light

  • Lighter and sweet

  • it's like they mixed beer with some kind of blueberry pop

  • Look at this little train! You can ride it through the ice sculptures

  • Cup noodle, and this guy

  • Ah it's kaonashi but again he's kind of covered in snow can't really see him

  • Natsuki's lining up for the kiddy slide

  • there's one snack I need to warn you guys about it's called long potato but

  • it's like potatoes sugar and cake but in a gross way

  • He looks so sad, why's he so sad?

  • We're back, it's night time now we took a little rest in the hotel it was so cool we kind of needed to warm

  • up do not underestimate how cold it is in Hokkaido it is very different than the

  • rest of Japan even living in Iwate Prefecture which is quite up north this

  • feels so cool so yeah we're gonna check out the festival at night time it see

  • what it looks like they do lots of like light-up displays and the TV tower

  • Look they're still carving some sculptures here it's cool to watch them we couldn't

  • tell what this was before because it was covered in snow but it looks like

  • somebody's finally come and cleared the statues of all the fresh snow from

  • yesterday so that's good we can finally see what they are

  • it looks like they've set up a mobile Pokemon Center for the Sapporo Snow

  • Festival it's really cool they're selling plushies and stuff

  • They're closed at the moment unfortunately I can't go inside but can take a peek

  • we're just walking down the street to go get some dinner

  • this shrine looks so pretty in the snow so we have here fried octopus balls the

  • food of Osaka some wonderful viewers who have now left the restaurant

  • Actually bought this for us as a present but there's a catch one of the takoyaki in

  • here is filled with karashi - spicy unpleasantly tasting mustard and so one

  • of us at the table here will die. three two one so

  • badly timed

  • Normal. Normal? Normal face.

  • I'm gonna go I'm gonna go next and I'm gonna put a

  • little England flag a little Britain flag

  • Did you just say England frag?

  • I'm gonna say goodnight here. We're going back to our hotel to warm up. It's so

  • cold! Jesus. We just got outside from the restaurant we've only been outside 30

  • seconds my legs are already painfully freezing. Right now we're in the Susukino District

  • of sapporo it's kind of like the downtown it really reminds me

  • of Osaka - it's really cool at nighttime! I hope you guys enjoyed the vlog make sure

  • to go check out Chiaki on YouTube. Her videos are in Japanese but maybe you guys

  • could practice your Japanese skills! And I will link everybody's Instagram and

  • stuff down below as well. Thanks for watching guys!

Hey guys, good morning and welcome to Sapporo Hokkaido! I'm here with my


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日本最大級の冬祭り ❄️ さっぽろ雪まつり (Japan’s Biggest Winter Festival ❄️ Sapporo Snow Festival)

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