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  • THAT is why this room will never ever be clean.

  • Ugh.

  • Hey guys! How's it going? My name is Micaela.

  • And today I'm here with my cat, Lon-kun to talk a little bit about my baby-chans!

  • Anyone who has watched my videos for a long time is probably already familiar with Kit,

  • who my Shiba Inu that I acquired while I was working with N+stle.

  • He's right here!

  • I'm with Lon-kun right now, Kit.

  • This handsome man is Lon-kun, and he is a one-year old Russian Blue cat that I acquired

  • last year.

  • I decided to get a Russian Blue because I have asthma. I have asthma, and I really really

  • love pets, so um, it can be really hard trying to live with animals

  • and not die.

  • Lon-kun is double-coated, just like Kit actually, they both have double coats, actually.

  • Which means that the allegens that are close to their skin don't get out as easily? and

  • they're a lot easier to care for as someone with allergies.

  • Although I don't think that works for everyone so don't take my word for it.

  • Like, if you have allergies, I don't think it means you'll DEFINITELY be fine, but I

  • mean like,

  • they don't bother me as much as normal pets do so they're both really easy to care for.

  • Lon-kun doesn't really like to be in front of the camera, or to sit still, or listen

  • to ANYBODY for that matter, so I think I'm gunna let him run away.

  • Bye Lon ❤️

  • What is your face? What is that face?

  • This is Kit, he's a purebread Shiba Inu..

  • He's quite big actually, he's quite big for his breed, um I think he's about 11kg? So

  • like, 20 lbs????

  • What is this side-eye? He's giving me some serious side-eye right now.

  • And uh, he originally had a different owner, but that owner couldn't take care of him so.

  • I picked him up and I took him back to Kyushu on the shinkansen, and we've been together

  • ever since!

  • Of course in the beginning, I was worried about whether Lon and Kit would get along,

  • but Kit has always been really patient and I've never seen him even try and hurt the

  • cat.

  • Back when Kit was alone he would spend all day waiting for me to play with him or take

  • him for walks, but now that he has a little brother, the two of them always seem to find

  • something to do.

  • And,oh yes, Lon can be a bit of a bully.

  • But Kit doesn't seem to mind. In fact, I think he secretly likes the attention.

  • Besides, Lon has a few useful skills that Kit does not.

  • For example, he knows how to jump into boxes, he also knows how to open doors, and, he's

  • small enough to get inside of the snack box.

  • I know what you guys are doing.

  • I know what you're doing.

  • It seems like they're always keeping a close eye on each other.

  • And as for me, it's so much fun to watch the two of them just interact.

  • Adding another pet to the family is a huge responsibility, but I think even Kit would

  • agree that having one more fuzzy buddy around the house is totally worth the extra effort.

  • Kit wants to play soccer.

  • So, I'm gunna have to throw the ball.

  • Drop it! Can you drop it? (No.)

  • Ughhh.

  • Anyway if you have any questions about raising pets in Japan, leave them in the comments

  • and I will try to respondddd!

  • Anyway, I'm gunna go play with the dog.

  • Talk to you soon,

  • Byeeee!

THAT is why this room will never ever be clean.


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