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  • welcome.

  • This, of course, is the coveted Always left holding the closest I'll ever comes to Big and Scooby.

  • Firstly, I'm Stacey.

  • Last time you were here, you spun the wheel of beard design.

  • I didn't like that 1 20 It was a very conservative last time.

  • It was my fault that you yes, you were the one that spun spun the beard on March 29th.

  • That ended up on this design.

  • No, I don't hate it, but hey, wife does.

  • Well, I'm not gonna say my wife hates it, but she and my kids have moved back to Australia.

  • They say it's not because it's ironic.

  • It's got an Australian and he's quite an Australian.

  • Did Yeah.

  • Send it over in the post.

  • Let's take it and kidnap you.

  • Say the beard by post.

  • You could try by air mail away.

  • All right.

  • Say something would be your dick of the year.

  • There's so many to choose from.

  • So we're upstairs in my cup talking about Yeah, numerous sticks.

  • You know, Theo story.

  • Everyone slips, But a guy in Florida, I'm gonna go in the side of the animals now.

  • Go in Florida tried that he kidnapped an alligator and tried to get it drunk.

  • Everyone knows this story that this guy's a dick, right?

  • For many reasons, right?

  • He wasn't even drunk himself.

  • Like I understand.

  • If you drunk, you see again, you think it's just gonna have a big nose and a green jacket thing together.

  • This is an alligator.

  • He was little.

  • He was making open its jaws by putting his arm.

  • Alligator would open.

  • Then he would put beer in its mouth and he got the alligator shit faced.

  • But, I mean, how much of a dick do you have to be to get an animal drunk?

  • That's probably not even the worst thing that's happening is probably someone as we speak, I don't know, given a crab Indio.



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"Always Left Holding the D**k" - ノエル・フィールディングの愉快な瞬間!| 最後の一歩 ("Always Left Holding the D**k" - Noel Fielding's Funniest Moments! | The Last Leg)

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