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  • well.

  • This hotel is extremely popular with Chinese students and tourists.

  • It's close to the city center next to all of the attractions, and it's understood that the family who arrived here on Wednesday had come from China to enjoy this city.

  • But later on that day, they started to feel ill.

  • They themselves called a doctor, and it's being reported that paramedics arrived here in, has Matt suits and took them away to a hospital.

  • Initially in the hole, two of the family members tested positive for the virus, becoming the first confirmed cases in this country.

  • They've since been transferred to Newcastle, where there's a specialist unit for dealing with infectious diseases, and we're told that because of their expertise there, anyone being treated there is this family still are is highly likely to get better.

  • What does the hotel said?

  • Well, looking at the hotel today, you won't have known that this incident had even happened.

  • Indeed, when we initially arrived here, we were told by the receptionist that the story simply wasn't true.

  • Confirmation came later in the form of a statement from head office.

  • They told us that public health England had advised the hotel that there was minimal risk of ongoing infection to the guests and staff here and that they had sealed off the room where the family had been staying and that in due course, this apartment will have a deep environmental clean.

  • But for now, the rest of the 136 apartments are still available to rent.

  • And in fact, when we came here, there were people checking in who won't being told what it happened.

  • It was only as the story developed and people started reading about what was being reported that we then saw people going to reception and asking for a refund on a number of those guests said to us that they were surprised and angry that they hadn't been told about what had happened here.

  • After we arrived here, the minimum saw on the news like someone's sick here.

  • So I think we're just changing another.

  • Did they tell you that two people had been taken in?

  • Uh, no, not at all.

  • Are you shocked?

  • Uh, by hearing from you?

  • Yes, we just survived.

  • So they mentioned anything to you?

  • You didn't know?

  • Was that worrying a little bit?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, we literally arrived about an hour ago.

  • So yeah, nobody said anything on checking Public Health England say they're urgently trying to contact anyone who came into close contact with the family, although they admit they don't know how many this might be.

  • The advice for anyone who is worried, as with any cold or flu, is to regularly and thoroughly wash your hands.

  • And if you sneeze, cover your mouth and nose.

  • What Dorschner Thanks very much for that.

  • Well, the 83 Britons that Arrow Park Hospital in the world will be kept in quarantine for two weeks in a separate accommodation block.

  • The hospital has insisted it's perfectly safe for people carry on, turning up two appointments as normal.

  • Let's go live now to our north of England correspondent Claire Fallon.

  • Who's there?

  • Claire?

  • We're only about two minutes ago.

  • Cathy.

  • There's a flurry of blue lights on the main road that's just at the front of this hospital, followed by The coach is bringing 100 or so people who managed to leave rue hand during the early hours off this morning to this site.

  • This place has been chosen because it very near to specialist centers where they have expertise in dealing with this kind of virus.

  • I'd imagine the coaches are probably arriving at the back of this site.

  • At the moment, the people won't be staying in the hospital itself.

  • It's the buildings just behind me, which is usually used a staff accommodation, which will essentially become an isolation unit for the next two weeks.

  • Once the people arrive, they'll go inside.

  • They will stay there for two weeks.

  • They won't be allowed to leave.

  • The hope is, then they'll be able to go home.

  • But we've been following their journey here over the last 24 hours.

  • So this is the ticket you got?

  • No.

  • See, that's the Blankets ticket you'll ever see.

  • No, it's blurry.

  • Flying back into the UK but not yet going home first L B two weeks of lock down for fear Those on board might be carrying the deadly Corona virus.

  • This is it.

  • Almost almost through, looking fast now.

  • Fly into England in quarantine for two weeks, and hopefully all will be well after that.

  • Along with Ben, a teacher who's been working in Wuhan.

  • Their families, some with young Children waiting for them at Brize Norton, were medics and police more health checks on a fleet of horsemen branded coach.

  • It's as if the scene wasn't already apocalyptic enough.

  • In little over a month, the virus has spread from Wuhan to every province in China.

  • At least 200 people are known to have died had been around 10,000 confirmed cases.

  • Now the list of countries affected is growing and as off today includes the U.

  • K.

  • But still, Wuhan is the place worst affected, described by summer's panic building.

  • Whatever you call it, it's impressive.

  • A second hospital is going up, but speed on the suburbs.

  • Within days I'll be treating patients here in the UK less spectacular but still crucial in the battle to stop the spread of the Corona virus.

  • Those who have returned from Wuhan will spend their next two weeks in quarantine on the world not, as was first suggested at a disused N HS facility, but at accommodation where N hs workers were living until yesterday on the site of Arrow Park Hospital, which is still very much in use.

  • This very fragile people here and why are they bringing people who have possible Debbie fighters?

  • Are they gonna bring them up here.

  • We're dumping ground these questions that we, as local residents really want to know.

  • What we hope is that all these people will have 14 days isolated from the general public, but not in the sense of solitary confinement on.

  • Then they will be able Thio be released without any symptoms at all.

  • As supplies arrived, we're told not just milk and juice that gains consoles and toys for the Children.

  • Hospital bosses had patients and people living there by should not worry, but this is now officially a global public health emergency.



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コロナウイルスが中国で213人の死者を出し、英国でも2例が確認される (Coronavirus causes 213 deaths in China, as two cases confirmed in UK)

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