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  • the moment we arrived back in port to disembark, We were not allowed off the ship.

  • The ship was placed in quarantine in the Bay Yokohama, where we remained for a few days s.

  • So there was no opportunity to get off, even if we wanted to.

  • Then second or third day we were confined to our cabins, and that's how it's been ever since.

  • Now it's very difficult because we've had our throat swab yesterday and we are awaiting the results to see where they are, where are positive for the virus.

  • If one of us proves positive, that person will be taken to a medical facility.

  • It could be up to four hours away from the ship, which means we're going to be separated for the first time in 50 years of marriage.

  • The medical facilities don't speak English.

  • They don't serve your in food.

  • It's going to be very, very hard.

  • Of course, we're worried.

  • I I would dearly love the UK government to get us out of here.

  • Yeah, and it makes it worse for us when we see the Americans are actually getting off the ship right now that it's being announced, the Canadians have gotta playing, coming to repatriate them.

  • Hong Kong.

  • We've got a plane coming to repatriate them.

  • Australia is doing something about it on Dhe.

  • I can't see the UK doing anything.

  • We haven't heard directly from the Foreign Office.

  • I have contacted them.

  • They have put me in touch in directly with the British ambassador in Tokyo.

  • Andi, What we've been told is the Americans are getting off that England is doing everything it can.

  • It's talking to the World Health Organization who are recommending we are not sent back to the UK.

  • That's very, very kind of the W H o very kind.

  • Why?

  • It is most certainly affecting my wife and I.

  • I'm a very positive person and the viewer to listen to any of the broadcast.

  • Seven days ago, you'd have family being very upbeat, not that way anymore, I'm afraid, because it's making it worse.

  • See all of the countries coming alongside their people and taking them home, putting them into quarantine in their home land.

  • On Dhe, we just feel that we have been completely for gotten on neglected.

  • It's a Ziff.

  • The borders have been closed to us on England.

  • They're saying we don't want you back.

  • That's what it feels like.

  • A great deal of the food doesn't to me.

  • Um, a diabetic.

  • I've got delicate dairy allergies.

  • I'm lactose intolerant.

  • So I'm just not getting the food that to nourish me.

  • It's, um sounds of I'm complaining and winding.

  • And I'm sorry if that's how it comes over, but I'm eating very, very little.

  • My main meals, breakfast, lunch, evening mail.

  • A conflict with lactose free milk.

  • Please think of your people isolated, being in total confinement on a ship where we can't leave our cabin.

  • Um, it is hell on earth.

  • We don't know what the future for us holds.

  • Please take us home.

the moment we arrived back in port to disembark, We were not allowed off the ship.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

コロナウイルスクルーズ。英国人乗客デビッド・アベルがダイヤモンド・プリンセスの船からの避難を要請 (Coronavirus cruise: British passenger David Abel asks to be evacuated off Diamond Princess ship)

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