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  • Recently, Prince Andrew, the third child of Queen Elizabeth,

  • was forced to step back from his royal duties

  • after the public learned about his suspicious friendship

  • with sex offender and "suicide victim" Jeffrey Epstein.

  • And now the prince's situation is getting even worse.

  • Prince Andrew is under new fire here in the U.S.,

  • an American prosecutor issuing the royal a rare public scolding

  • in the investigation into his former friend,

  • the late Jeffrey Epstein.

  • REPORTER: In an unusual move today,

  • the U.S. attorney called out the royal

  • for refusing to answer questions

  • in their investigation of his former friend.

  • Would you be willing to testify

  • or give a statement under oath if you were asked?

  • Well, I'm like everybody else,

  • and-and I'm-- a-and I would have to take,

  • um, all the legal advice,

  • um, that there was

  • before I was to-to do that sort of-of thing.

  • But i-if push came to shove

  • and the leg... (coughs)

  • the legal advice was to do so,

  • then I would be dutybound to do so.

  • Okay, I know his mouth said he's willing to cooperate,

  • but his head said no, like, 300 times.

  • And I'm not a body language expert,

  • but that dude's head looks ready to plead guilty.

  • (coughing)

  • I got to say, Prince Andrew is one shady-ass prince.

  • Right? I bet even Nigerian princes are looking at this guy,

  • like, "Clearly, he is lying, huh?

  • "You cannot trust a single word he is saying,

  • "or my name isn't the Honorable Prince Daniel Wachuku,

  • routing number 80754."

  • It's also crazy,

  • it really is crazy to me that Harry and Meghan

  • have to renounce their royal titles

  • just because they want to live in Canada and work for a living.

  • This guy is protecting his pedophile friend,

  • and they're like, "Yeah, you can stay a prince.

  • "Yeah, in fact, wh-why not take Harry and Meghan's titles, too?

  • "Long live Prince Prince Andrew, the princess!

  • Yeah!"

  • I actually wonder how far this will go,

  • because this is a big story, you know?

  • The FBI coming out saying, like,

  • "Andrew doesn't want to cooperate."

  • What's gonna happen?

  • Are the U.S. authorities gonna--

  • got to go to Buckingham Palace?

  • Is it gonna be raided by the Navy SEALs?

  • That could get ugly, 'cause you know the queen

  • won't go down without a fight.

Recently, Prince Andrew, the third child of Queen Elizabeth,


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アンドリュー王子、エプスタイン調査への協力を拒否して熱を帯びる|ザ・デイリーショー (Prince Andrew Takes Heat for Refusing to Help with the Epstein Investigation | The Daily Show)

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