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  • Hello, Everyone in Britain.

  • I'm sitting here today because now it's time to stop.

  • Yes, it is my assistant.

  • Come, come, come.

  • Hey guys, We got so many tourists from all over the world people asking us way decided to start a series of professional tutorials.

  • We gonna try and teach you guys some off the knowledge back Way to give today something is going to be one of the most favorite topics a ce faras We learned from your questions how to steam the milk.

  • Fill the chuck until the milk just reaches the pouring spout.

  • This volume of milk in any says jock will allow you to heat and stretch the milk to the optimal temperature, especially for beginners.

  • Drayton recommends using cold milk.

  • The colder the milk, the more time you have to reach the desired temperature off the milk.

  • More time means better microphone.

  • You can use any kind of milk to texture with first purged esteem went You want to get rid of milk or is it juice and condensation water?

  • Introduce the steam ones into the jug.

  • Pay attention to the positioning plays.

  • The tip of the steam went right onto the surface of the milk.

  • Make sure to have the one position in a straight angle, passing along the side of the steam want, then turn the steam on to full power.

  • You now hear the noise of air being sucked into the milk as the milk expense.

  • Make sure to lower the jocks slowly to keep the one tip of the position close to the surface, depending on how much air you want to introduce and repeat, the more air you insert, the more film you get.

  • Finally defined microphone, which you need to for Lockhart, you need to stop adding air by moving the wen tip just below the surface.

  • A tiff position right underneath the surface will swirl the milk.

  • Why is that important?

  • Swirling the milk makes sure that the created foam is gently blanding with the milk, giving you a uniform consistency.

  • You like a final milk temperature between 60 and 65 degrees.

  • Why the milk sweetness is then at its high point.

  • If you go over 70 degrees, you start burning the milk.

  • It starts losing its sweetness.

  • Once you're done, wipe the seam tip with a cloth and perch, the steam wins again.

  • Okay, guys, that was it.

  • Our very first tutorial on how to text to the milk.

  • We hope you enjoyed it.

  • And you've learned something red and then gives you have anyone questions left.

  • Please let us know in the comments, you know, And otherwise, we're gonna see you guys back in the next tutorial.

  • Thanks.

Hello, Everyone in Britain.


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バリスタのチュートリアル。ミルクを蒸す方法 (Barista Tutorial: How to steam the milk)

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