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  • now.

  • Wait, Wait.

  • No NASA dash Got about a pound of gases.

  • Puts the lines in a grand way, like March Madness.

  • Caption.

  • Nick.

  • Tragic 1 11 Like a mattress.

  • I don't want to wait You could take you out.

  • Join Countess My no rush way fresh Touch me, Touch me touch A lot of pressure would be shit Got a little way No NASA dash Got about a pound of gases Puts the lanes in a grand way like March Madness Option, Nick Tragic 11 Like Maverick Wake up smooth blended from Chico.

  • Keep it around with a name that will come back in the car Gonna spread like a lot of work into it You'll be out of here, they say is that we're sitting with way You know, NASA miles on the dash Got about a pound of gas lines in a grand way By the light of March Madness Tragic 1 11 like Maverick.



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フューチャー - マーチ・マッドネス (Official Music Video) (Future - March Madness (Official Music Video))

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