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  • Ah, a cofounder and partner at Spar Club's Global Ventures.

  • I'm the CEO of a company cold The Amplify Lab.

  • I am in house futurist for Ford.

  • I came up with this idea of calling myself an alchemist, and as an alchemist, I put ideas and people and companies together.

  • No, it's really about finding that one idea that you're committed to whether it is, ah, passion from your life, for something that you came up with another colleague.

  • I mean, I think it's important to have something that time as an individual to reflect, kind of figure out your point of view or your focus.

  • But the magic really happens when you're a parent with someone else.

  • Finding somebody to compliment.

  • He was really cute, really isn't driven by individuals.

  • I think it is really collaborative.

  • I think the benefit of having a team with diverse viewpoints and experiences is that you discuss things you bouncy bounce ideas off each other, you argue, create conflict from that bubbles up new ideas, and if you allow people to be in there happy space for learning, they come out with ideas and sharing and communicating, and we try within the team to have such respect for each other's talents.

  • In that area, creative types will take it to the moon.

  • But you need someone to bring you back to Earth and tried it.

  • Take it and turn it into some sort of real implication, with the ultimate goal of trying to find something that neither one of us could have ever discovered on.

  • Everything in life comes from either love or fear on their benefits and consequences to being fully committed to him.

  • I think that's the point where things change is that once you step into that realm of full commitment, that's when the ball starts to be bold to take chances.

  • There's this Buddhist proverb that says Leap and the Net will appear and I haven't pinned on my desk.

  • And every day I contemplate exactly what that means to see somebody who's been brave in their life and done something that you've gotten to be part off.

  • There is nothing, nothing more wonderful.

  • There's always a lot of highs and lows.

  • It's it's a landscape that started with failures.

  • There's an old adage about failure being a necessary evil, and I think you have to rethink that notion because there's really nothing evil about it.

  • I mean, you have to be willing to fail and expect it, whether it's a tech startup or even a restaurant, it's when you're lying on the floor crying so hard that stuff is coming out of your nose.

  • The really interesting things start to happen because not only do you learn when you're down there, but what has also happened.

  • It's also become personal.

  • Someone said, You know what?

  • Silicon Valley if you haven't had two failed start ups yet No one's really interested in talking to you that you have to have shown that you have some battle scars, that you've learned some lessons.

  • I expect a pretty high failure rate.

  • But you know, I'm hoping and dream for that success, and that's it sort of propels you forward.

  • That's what sort of gives you the drive.

  • The energy is that little glimmer of hope.

  • I have such respect for the idea, haters.

  • I do believe that the how do you bring it to life is the underdog skill in the tech world.

  • It really is about execution because they say, you know, for every awesome idea that you think you have.

  • There's at least 10 other people thinking the exact same thing.

  • So then it's just really a race execution because I think execution is, ah, lot of where people get stock of his lot obstacles, at least perceived as well as real ones.

  • Something well would tell you that creativity is the hard part.

  • Other people will tell you the execution is the hard part.

  • I guess it depends on where you stand in the process, but they are inextricably tied together.

  • The end of the day.

  • We all really, really, really want to matter, and if you tap into that, remarkable things happen.

Ah, a cofounder and partner at Spar Club's Global Ventures.


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