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  • My dad was a master sergeant in the U.

  • S.

  • Air Force an aircraft mechanic for the F 1 11 a first of its kind jet that could accelerate to twice the speed of sound by sweeping back its variable position wings.

  • My dad worked on a real life transformer, and he liked to transform things himself.

  • He transformed our garage into a fully outfitted workshop.

  • I remember him at the bench grinder.

  • Sparks would be bouncing off his callused hands.

  • He taught me equipment like the drill, press, miter saw and Maur while friends played football in front of our house.

  • I was fusing iron, using the oxy, a settling welder.

  • A straight drop could send a cascade of flying molten metal burning through my shoe and get it trapped right on my foot.

  • Dad nurtured an ingenuity mindset in me that continues to impact my work today.

  • But what I didn't realize at the time was that I wasn't just learning, manufacturing and design.

  • I was learning that the world could be mashed up.

  • Ma did repaired, reclaimed.

  • I believe that we can transform the world by giving more people access to space is like my dad's garage where companies and breakthroughs have often emerged.

  • Other people agree with me.

  • They're called makers.

  • And in the mid to thousands, makers like my dad realized that innovation would be difficult without access to new technology.

  • So they created maker spaces, shared workshops, places where members could get access to expensive equipment without the cost of ownership.

  • It's kind of like a gym, but instead of the exercise equipment, it's full of tools.

  • Computer controlled routers, laser cutters, three D printers, sewing machines, car lifts, kilns, commercial Evans were upto almost 1300 of these fab labs in over 100 countries.

  • But I believe there's a desire for Maur maker spaces like Starbucks more.

  • That's because people around the world I want to bring their innovation toe life.

  • But the tools of production are costly.

  • There are over 1.3 million videos on how to use a CNC router to shape metal, but CNC routers still cost thousands of dollars.

  • Sing a verse dot com lets you upload three D designs.

  • They call them things, and you can mod those designs that's called a remix.

  • But those remixes and things still need to be rendered on digital fabrication tools.

  • It's cost prohibitive for most people.

  • So where is the place where people can execute on all of their ideas?

  • I believe that more maker spaces would allow people in the digital communities to bring more of their ideas toe life while equipment is important.

  • Maker spaces Air Really about people?

  • There's a saying in the maker movement.

  • They came for the tools, but they stayed for the people.

  • That's because when people are in maker spaces there what Zappos founder Tony Shea likes to call collision herbal maker spaces allow ideas, culture and technology to intersect to collide.

  • And when those things collide, people make things that are beautiful, innovative or even desperately need it.

  • I believe that although we're more digitally connected, we're more physically and emotionally isolated than ever before.

  • Not everyone had a maker dad like mine, but I think we all know some people that would be great maker coaches.

  • And we know some great potential maker apprentices out there.

  • What if there were local maker spaces from urban to rural from economically challenged, toe affluent and the minds of our youth could collide, fused with the experience of experts?

  • What would happen if We made it easy for diverse cultures, generations, genders and professions to bump into each other.

  • Share projects.

  • What you working on today?

  • In a place designed for innovation and creativity?

  • Would we see the world differently transformed like I was by my dad?

  • Would we be a more connected culture?

  • Creative artisans?

  • Craftspeople?

  • I believe it's time for maker spaces to go mainstream.

  • I'm calling upon every enthusiast, inventor, educator, elected official, philanthropist, entrepreneur and venture capitalists and angel to take a maker space to every town.

  • It all starts with a spark.

  • The product, the concept, the idea, the new sense of community.

  • But it takes a place to bring them all to life.

  • Thank you.

My dad was a master sergeant in the U.


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