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  • Now it has.

  • It has it a guess that few in the organs tried to live a double life.

  • Perhaps your researcher and a runner or an architect in the North.

  • Well, for me, my double life is banking on music.

  • When I find that free moment, I tend to immerse myself in the music part.

  • You even quit my form of meditation.

  • I started producing a little over three years ago.

  • The biggest challenge at first was I'm not professionally trained in any way.

  • I could barely play on what Donald on the piano.

  • And there he was trying to write complex harmonic melodies.

  • Let's just say the first year was experimenting, since having learned the core concepts, though, I've fallen in love with the buzz of writing a song from start to finish.

  • I particularly love writing the lead instrument.

  • That part is just the real hook for me.

  • Let's take this trump as an example, so I know what you're thinking.

  • How did they fit on orchestra into my tiny to fly?

  • Well, actually, this is completely artificial by instrument has been created from scratch that combined with some Midi notes all over it and gives you the full sound anyway.

  • Like I was saying before, I didn't take the music immediately.

  • In fact, I talked detective technology a lot more.

  • It wasn't until my early teens that technology music started to come inside for me.

  • And I have very fond memories of my dad and I taking cables from the mystery assistant downstairs, up to that computer, sneaking around the house and frustrating my mother in the process.

  • Listen to her knowledge.

  • They were doing it to rescue their favorite song we'd found on an aging violent.

  • We need to rip it to the computer to repair with leaps and scratches.

  • Fact that songs that song we danced to at their wedding.

  • To this day, I don't think I'll ever forget the lyrics to KC and the Sunshine Band with.

  • So my early life was spent converting my dad's CD collection as vinyl collection to CD.

  • Well, we could've waited a couple of years, the professionals, but where's the fun in that?

  • I think the same applies to my modern day experience.

  • I find great pleasure just getting lost in the music.

  • I can spend a couple of hours just working on a base or tweaking a guitar getting a vocal, whatever it may be, you know, this is my meditation after world.

  • But when you find that perfect combination of sounds and the song jumps, the life satisfaction is immense.

  • Well, you want to do is finish the track on.

  • Take it out to the club.

  • It's a little listen to something else I didn't know much about drumming with a few YouTube tutorials, sampled hot snares, percussion, I could create this rhythm even more.

  • Say, take this little patterns.

  • Going on here is one of nature's simply sounds just a basic sine wave.

  • With the power of this technology, I can add more layers.

  • I can filter it.

  • I can pitch it down and I can compress it on.

  • We get a basement as you can probably get my forte's house music.

  • You know, you know often be criticized, repetitive and simple.

  • If you push past that kind of force of the four rhythm and really listen to how elements are added and subtracted, it really generates the interests of the track.

  • Now you can probably understand by 1000 person crowd can stand in a wet and muddy field in the pouring rain our festival waiting for D.

  • J to build that single instrument up progressively over an entire minute.

  • I'm not gonna do that now, but why will show is how I'm adding, removing a few elements waken create simple break.

  • When I love about producing music is there's always something to learn, even the most seasoned producers still learning being a new instrument simplifies are a tool or even a different style of music together the possibilities of what you can learn and produce together literally, endless.

  • You don't take that production to the next level.

  • You could bring it into the truck itself.

  • So, for example, the base that we have going on here I can open up the filter, bringing back in Hye's filter out the rest of the track, and it changes.

  • The dynamic is completely, but the melody doesn't change it.

  • Wait a couple of hours on the plane.

  • A couple of hours in the airport come files at home, putting together a completely new track.

  • Now it's quite right for you to just stop there.

  • You know, if you if you enjoy your track, any recognition you should look for.

  • However, if, like me, you want to share their sounds.

  • Then you can understand why I like to post them online.

  • We've mostly why I love d j.

  • Seeing a crowd of people on a busy club with their hands in the air Dancing to your song is just phenomenal.

  • I'm not gonna give one last, Damn it.

  • I'm gonna show you how putting a vocal into track from really pull the track together.

  • It could provide that central hook and even more so it can.

  • As the elements change around that vocal, it can change the impact of the voice.

  • And you can even feel like it's changing the intonation of the words.

  • Wait.

  • But just a few seconds then I forgot I worked in finance.

  • Did you?

  • Thank you.

Now it has.


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