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  • Yes, this is Boss from the hardness.

  • Take a trip from this time 94 small town in Canada Dawn Off the day out comes a hustler Geniuses Day one didn't know from his top hatch is known as the days passed Discovering the crap Middle class life with fourth class ambition Can't sleep because it hurts to know much is missing.

  • Rendition of my life is what you want to listen Let me take you to a party ministry stick Amazing.

  • See one thing in three wasting Christ Need speed away in the free way In my own Lance's Burke out with different i Q.

  • On point to define my existence for affection Mama never was a hover gammy start Obama.

  • Dad brought was a struggle 20 years apart.

  • Really Normally the best tears trickle down the eyes with a lump in the chest.

  • All the fights sequence same story every day.

  • Never treated this really cool.

  • Prays for you daily so you can see the way he says.

  • I'm waiting for the day.

  • You have kids your age and we hope it's a girl.

  • You know what we've been through?

  • Raise you as a mother When the father estrogen.

  • Simple things.

  • We have to give up 20 years of a life teach moving apart as a man and a wife.

  • That's a scene can't even dream a beam and sins overshadow my oblique achievements.

  • Father When the house grew up Different letters, postcards stunt to make some pitches is going from a far soon grew apart Distance lining.

  • Find your face in the dark, honey.

  • You want me to be humble?

  • Kaya, Tessa Just so much.

  • Not by you took a long enough things change with a decade of future.

  • No, it's a good state.

  • Media TV Been there, done that.

  • Nominations on features.

  • You know, he's one that throughout my first album I'm grateful for sure.

  • Minding my business.

  • It's open for all hope to make you proud Like I made brown skin dropper.

  • I am not a parent.

  • This is DMC singing Boss from the Hot A warm evening and welcome to everybody present here tonight.

  • The music is going by Senate Music was from UK.

  • Yeah!

  • Oh, thank you so much.

  • My name.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Like I said, a warm welcome to everybody who's present here tonight.

  • My name is Depot Nutrition.

  • I go by the stage name of DMC.

  • I've been rapping since the past seven years.

  • What got me attracted towards hip hop as a culture is the ability to paint a picture, just two words and, you know, giving the listener over imagination by just listening to the song.

  • So storytelling side of hip hop is what got me into it.

  • And you gotta just of that from the first track that I perform, which is called Bus from the Heart.

  • It just explains the Jony Ive had being a girl, choosing something like hip hop in India.

  • So it's just about the struggles that I've had facing at home or outside, or anything and how, after a while you overcome something you thought that you could never come before.

  • So the next track I have for you guys is called wrong, which means color in Hindi.

  • It's about my own personal experiences with the brown skin prejudice that I've had since I was a kid, especially coming from a country where more than 50% off the population is dark skin.

  • Our obsession with fair skin is really bizarre, so this track tackles that issue and it's from my upcoming album called E Equals M C Square.

  • So was the previous track, which is dropping next month.

  • It's pretty is Western music so please check it out.

  • Let's go.

  • Oh, shoot!

  • Kerala typically in Judea had scored all whisper Oh Chala Tito Barco Trivia sabliere Flat tire on Bruny Shock PICO money Messiah can go have fun Should be Tonto Essabar She chemical bar So maybe you Tito junkies by not gonna sometime.

  • If I could go on a time machine, I would take it forward, right?

  • Just put me in strapped to my seat Countdown begins.

  • I would rewrite the captive about my skin picking up dust off my shoulders Tell me because I'm going to be bolder from afar is the scene you see a little Hindu trying hard to be free production Loony Meadow Babban Hate Adam Levy Data he Nam You know how many such people then?

  • Say my mom gave you two months and NATO another month?

  • Somebody, This is DMC from Bombay City.

  • Uh, Weevil a hip hop three way.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • So the last line of the track actually meant that all of us have the same color of blood running insiders.

  • So why does the color of my skin matter so much?

  • So that's just the, you know, a message that I wanted to give with this track.

  • Thank you so much for having me on stage the Stevenson piece.

Yes, this is Boss from the hardness.


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