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  • Oh, hey, Hey, Good job Has not to mistake out.

  • Wake up Just enough to see the world won't fall apart.

  • Maybe this year we decide we're not giving up before we try this year.

  • Olds, Premier Fusion, South Asian acapella groups facing mash ups of English and Bollywood songs, and we compete across the country.

  • We would like to thank Ted x m I t for having us and I hope you enjoy this performance.

  • Stellar conversation with scrapbook symbol as I'm reaching floor is the right thing.

  • Him kind of coming up them tea and find my way to you.

  • Anybody have a map?

  • Anybody happen to know how the hell to do?

  • I don't know if you could tell, but this is me.

  • Just pretend.

  • So where's the map?

  • I need a clue.

  • Scared is five.

  • Find a way.

  • You know I want you.

  • It's not a secret A tried you're saying in a head you claim it's not in the cards, but fate is pulling you miles way out of reach from me.

  • But you're here in my heart.

  • So who could stop me by decide that you're my dust but way by the stars say you may Teoh mi mind Nothing could Cabe I suppose rights you d The one was meant to find its up Thio.

  • It's up to me.

  • No say itwas we'd get to be so what if we re my scythe?

  • Wait!

  • No way.

  • No one Wait!

  • No, I want you.

  • It's not a secret.

  • Tried?

  • Yeah, but I can't have you.

  • We're bound to be breaking.

  • Our hands are tied.

Oh, hey, Hey, Good job Has not to mistake out.


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MITオームス|MITオームス|TEDxMITによるパフォーマンス (Performance by the MIT Ohms | MIT Ohms | TEDxMIT)

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