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  • would you imagine a place to be before you ever visit?

  • It is usually what you see in the news, and then once you go there, it's completely changed.

  • Eye candy chang and travel showed me the power of love.

  • I think my sense of home has always been a little more fluid.

  • It's a place where I feel comfortable enough to think and feel loved.

  • So for me, home is less about a specific place and more about the state of mind that I want to be in travel has been a part of my life since beginning My parents immigrated from Taiwan.

  • It turns out this big white van, and so you would take road trips all across the U.

  • S.

  • I think it really helped me think about who I wanted to become.

  • Public art projects are about bringing that sense of home outside before I die.

  • Project invites anyone passing by Thio reflect on life and share their personal aspirations and just see how much they're not alone as they're trying to make sense of their life.

  • Travel makes me more open minded and adventurous.

  • I love absorbing and being inspired out in the world, so I feel like travel has shown me where home is by teaching me the mindset, but I want to maintain every day.

would you imagine a place to be before you ever visit?


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TEDフェロー キャンディ・チャン旅が教えてくれたのは... (TED Fellow Candy Chang: Travel showed me...)

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