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  • What are you doing?

  • Yes, taking it all in.

  • It's amazing, isn't it?

  • What is that?

  • Something Stevens working on the reporter's here.

  • Ready?

  • Uh, thank you so much for agreeing to do the interview.

  • It's my pleasure.

  • So Steven Spielberg calls you up out of the blue and says, I'd like my next movie be based on your work.

  • Name it after your classifications system.

  • And have you is my technical advisor.

  • Yes, something like that ad for a college professor from Ohio State.

  • That's is exactly what my wife said, You know, reading the script.

  • Richard Dreyfuss.

  • His character reminded me.

  • Oh, you think so?

  • Family man obsessed with alien life outwits military and government forces in order to uncover the truth.

  • That doesn't sound like you.

  • Well, I suppose it does.

  • Only Richard Dreyfuss never had to face the Robertson panel on his way up the mountain Robertson panel.

  • That was the CIA A convening an elite group of scientists to study or work in 53.

  • Yes, yes.

  • Um, something like that.

  • There's more to the story.

  • There's a long war.

  • Well, I'm sure our readers would love to hear about it.

  • Dr.

  • Hynek?

  • Yes.

  • What exactly happened during the events of the Robertson.

  • No, man, this is my report.

  • But since we're running out of time, I figure I would give you the rundown on my own words.

  • As you know, I've worked closely with Dr Hyeon again, Captain Quin, over the past few weeks.

  • So I've had a front row view of the Air Force's attempt to investigate in explaining the UFO phenomenon.

  • Which is why I can assure you, with all honesty in Kandor, the work these men are doing for the Air Force is careless, biased, full of discrepancies.

  • The sad truth is U S Air Force has completely mismanaged its investigation into the UFO phenomenon.

  • And it's high time the CIA took that way.

  • How dare you?

  • You you You have no right to discredit course I do.

  • They should be warned or staging invasions.

  • Stealing classified material, breaking onto basis, inciting mass panic.

  • You want me to keep going?

  • Stop.

  • Please just leave me.

  • Just settle for a moment.

  • It's my recommendation.

  • The Air Force immediately suspend all investigations into UFOs for the sake of our national security.

  • Gentlemen, please.

  • We have your file for review.

  • Let's take some time to look it over before we reconvene.

  • He was betrayed in front of his peers by someone he trusted.

  • But that's not the end of the story.

  • Mr.

  • David Dubrowski.

  • His case is the most recent one investigated by Blue Book.

  • Mrs.

  • Bronski, do you care to tell the panel why you reached out to Dr Hynek of myself?

  • I was directed to do so in order to be here today.

  • And who exactly directed you?

  • The beings from the planet of a new CEO switches two Galaxies beyond ours.

  • They asked if I would delivery message to the panel.

  • Go ahead.

  • They're not here to hurt you, but to teach you.

  • I just stay open and believe Blue Book has done his job.

  • We've closed cases.

  • We've come to public, very eager to believe in aliens from other worlds.

  • Without your support today, the message you will send is that we were never a credible voice in the science of you.

  • Apology.

  • And that leaves thousands of cases open for reinterpretation.

  • Quite frankly, calls your own reputations in the question.

  • We understand our roll, gentlemen, And if you understand yours together, we can continue to spread our message.

  • UFO's don't exist.

  • Thank you.

What are you doing?


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