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  • it's Saturday morning.

  • I have just grabbed some camera gear from the studio I'm gonna head out.

  • Was Hackney Wick for event today?

  • You won't know if it's analysis you want.

  • Tell me what up isn't down this time.

  • You up?

  • Is it down?

  • This is all about Damn, It started about five years ago.

  • My friend Michael talking about coffee.

  • Beer's on.

  • You know about the trend that they're getting attention on a sort of a sense of what could be more?

  • Could there be more than just heavy stand supporters?

  • Because that's most of it.

  • Why I hate coffee is fair.

  • I should point out that still, generally, I'm not a final, what the event has got more into over the years, and so we kind of got tough people together.

  • It's Morphin.

  • Tonight was more just not getting coffee.

  • Every people together brewers, deed in the industry and the communities around them.

  • I'm looking at the file share that happens.

  • Joining hasn't attendee.

  • I think it's just delicious.

  • Things jumped in to kind of like categories.

  • I got to taste some of the best surgeons.

  • Best burgers, one with space.

  • That's the general appeal that their coffee beers isn't actually, I think really tends to mean novelty and what it's often the case represent.

  • Ours is their beers that are made special event, negative thinking.

  • That's when they're taking me into your world.

  • That seems to be a thing that comes up again.

  • That's available recipe.

  • I have to take that right.

  • Don't have no, because Jimmy people make coffee.

  • One person makes here.

  • This is the 2nd 1 in London.

  • How many done in Chicago?

  • Yeah, Big vessels.

  • Assist.

  • The first proper big one here was kind of dipping your toes in the water.

  • Soothe how many different?

  • 14.

  • Different, I think.

  • Some of the best way to I don't know if I could drink that much.

  • I've never, ever drank everything.

  • People Who do you see them with?

  • The on last question.

  • Single favorite beer.

  • Tasted any one of these events.

  • This is where my recall is.

  • Rubbish.

  • I mean, actually really enjoying this advice from boundary on the ground.

  • But it's, uh it tends to be able to say that tends to be the ones that are much finer, more fresher, possessed here, more lively than just decadence.

  • Kind of like a big, big seems to think it's Cardinals coffee here, too.

  • But like there is a finishes, you hear that?

  • I think it starts to turn, get away more, more appreciation for restraint on balance and lightness.

  • Feel like finally, booze is trending like alcohol levels of turning down in a way that I'm very into.

  • Yeah, I could tell you something that's new is that we're probably led to make this more a bunch more, uh, coffee, beer.

  • That's OK, Let's go.

  • Yeah, I think it's really given a broader appeal, and it also it's actually been that for oil.

  • But as I even talk to you, they're saying that was a carriage.

  • But this is what it is.

  • A bunch of the ideas I wanted to do for collaborations didn't involve putting coffee in beer, but they were neat collaboration between roast.

  • That would be amazing.

it's Saturday morning.


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