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  • Every now and then a truly Stella new technology emerges that always takes us to places we've never imagined.

  • We saw this with the combustion engine, the telephone, computers and, of course, the Internet.

  • And now another of these breakthroughs is about to boldly transform us.

  • And that is Blockchain technology.

  • Just imagine a software engineer in Tanzania working for a company in Canada.

  • The company's payments of first placed in escrow by a blockchain resident Smart contract, quite simply, a contract that can be read and executed by machines.

  • Once our software engineer submits their final product, this smart contract gets to work.

  • Given agreed inputs.

  • Does it produce the required outputs?

  • Is it bite sized enough for consumer friendly download?

  • Was it delivered on time?

  • Only upon the passing of these machine run tests?

  • Does a smart contract itself released payment to the engineers digital wallet?

  • And our software engineer doesn't even have a bank account.

  • Neither party can gain this system because this smart contracts pre agreed terms.

  • And now, incorruptible by humans, the software engineer is empowered to participate in the global economy in a fair and frictionless way.

  • While the company has unearthed entirely new ways of doing business, sourcing new supplies on automating quality assurance.

  • And neither party is subjected to the layers of fees that we typically associate with cross border payments.

  • So they both improve their margins.

  • Imagine your son or daughter rocking up to a nightclub and proving their eligibility to enter simply by using their thumb print and a mobile device without disclosing their date of birth or any personally identifying information reclaiming complete control over their identity.

  • Imagine a world where assets are tracked from their origin all the way through a supply chain certifying Providence in irrefutable ways.

  • So a manufacturer condemn and straight that the minerals comprising the panels it fits to a commercial airliner was certified as high grade and that they were procured from a supplier with an impeccable safety record that also respects human rights.

  • Perhaps we could out slavery enough and so publicly expose those who prosper from it.

  • That we can truly effect consumer purchasing behavior and have good is that.

  • But understanding how we get there really is best understood by first understanding how we arrived here for thousands of years, we simply wrote things down or etch them in stone.

  • Many of us here couldn't likely still remember bank tellers pending entries in their past books.

  • Not that long ago.

  • But the 20th century's explosion in computing power has created an explosion in the digitization of data and processing, with much of this now residing within the digital world gardens of large organizations.

  • For a while this works pretty well.

  • Computers started printing entries in past books, and by removing people from the process, we tuned into the benefits of automation and self service.

  • But things became far more complex very quickly with the introduction of new channels like contact Centers.

  • 80.

  • Em's voice recognition service is the problem Waas that these systems didn't come ready, integrated.

  • And so we witnessed another explosion in data silos within organizations, leading to data inconsistencies, Ah, whole lot of service issues and ultimately fraud.

  • So point to point periodic data transfers between these silos was soon superseded.

  • Bye.

  • Database replication were centralized brain insured that all changes to all data was synchronized globally within milli seconds.

  • But this was now a world where large collections of data and processing could deliver disproportionate returns in the blink of an eye.

  • So if a government defaulted on its bonds.

  • These could be dumped almost instantaneously globally, across every portfolio holding.

  • And before just about every individual investor ever learned that a default had occurred.

  • But it's not just the banks, telcos, Internet search providers and now social networks.

  • Virtually every large organization on the planet now has assets just like these.

  • Another side effect of these concentrations of power is that you and I are increasingly reliant upon these world gardeners to interact with one another in virtually every digital way to exchange money, e mails, photographs, posts, leaving us with little practical option but to trust these intermediaries.

  • But skepticism in organizations, competencies and motivations is at an all time high.

  • Subprime Panama data Breaches Data, sir Violence It's little wonder that trickle down trust just isn't cutting it.

  • Walled gardens are closed, but block chains are open.

  • So what if we tour down some walls, decentralized things and evolved a new way to exist?

  • You see, block chains are ultimately about bring the world closer together, breaking down barriers to entry commoditize ing Trust Justus, the Internet commoditized communications interoperability is built in from the ground up, creating an entirely new layer of interaction for the whole world, so people with no particular knowledge of one another can interact with confidence and without relying upon a trusted third party to do so.

  • So how does the Blockchain do this?

  • While in real life, elements of human frailty infect our ability to honor agreements?

  • A Blockchain use is vast networks off independent computers that verify one another's actions.

  • Bye concensus.

  • And if public enough with enough participants, Ah Blockchain is extraordinarily secure and virtually Impenetrable, indestructible, also on with the data and logic inside a Blockchain universally shared.

  • We also gained complete transparency, and this is a very big deal.

  • Weaken store money, tokens assets of all kinds inside a block chain and use them.

  • It allows for an economy between machines, a settlement layer for asset transfers and all kinds of things we haven't even begun to imagine.

  • Blockchain may soon underpin the next riel revolution of the information age, But while the potential benefits of blockchain are undoubtedly immense, in the short to medium term, there will be some maturing and possibly some pain.

  • Current implementations of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum did not quite meet the performance and scale requirements of some of the applications we've been talking about.

  • The thing is that the computer science of consensus platforms is not yet fully understood, and it would take further research and some trial and error to get there.

  • But that trial and there is a little scary because there is already substantial value at risk.

  • Blockchain technology has a steep learning curve, and the applications that run on it will take some time to develop a little on the fact that we're talking about rewiring organizations that support tens of thousands of jobs in departments and divisions, some of which won't be required.

  • That's a huge task.

  • This technology forces entirely new ways of interacting and doing business.

  • In order to shape this future, you need to participate.

  • Those organizations that learned how to play in more open and collaborative ecosystems will survive and thrive.

  • Those that don't probably won't.

  • This is a period in technological history during which you cannot stick your head in the sand.

  • Blockchain is really it's happening.

  • And as the world tunes into it, the prospect for so many to gain access to so much would just be too big and too meaningful for them.

  • not to use it.

  • The world is shifting from closed to open systems.

  • There has never bean are more promising and direct linkage between technology, economic growth and societal will being everybody can win.

  • It might just be our values that determine who we all really are and what kind of world we leave to future generations.

  • And how good is it that Blockchain can encode these values and arbitrate on their behalf?

  • This is something that you and we can make happen and prosper from altogether.

  • Are you a maker or a taker?

  • Are you with the open or the caused?

  • I say we all boldly transform together.

  • Thank you.

Every now and then a truly Stella new technology emerges that always takes us to places we've never imagined.


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