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  • So, how you guys feeling about this?

  • Oh, super home.

  • Yeah, we're gonna do some neuroscience experiments.

  • Were here at Ted 2015 on.

  • I brought some kids with me.

  • As you tend to do these conferences on, we're gonna learn a little bit about narrow science.

  • Uh, Jonathan has graciously volunteered to give up his arm for science.

  • If you could just roll up your sleeve the first experiment we're gonna do because I'm gonna record from your brain, you're probably wondering how the hell you do my sleeve up.

  • It turns out that you have about 80 billion neurons in your head, and they're all sending electrical signals.

  • And some of them said singles out to your body to your stuff around.

  • So you have these little betselem largest self organising.

  • Send output commands from your motor cortex down your spinal cord.

  • Synapses in the lower motor nerve that goes out to all of your muscles in your body itself in the cranial nerve comes out, otherwise comes out.

  • I'm gonna record from those nerves as they come out.

  • No, hook you up.

  • So I have two electrodes here, plus and a minus and then have a ground electrode ground back here.

  • Not really.

  • That woman do is turn on this device and you're gonna be able to hear, possibly for the first time.

  • Uh, what, your brains.

  • Are you ready?

  • So much is squeeze that you hear that electrical discharge?

  • Those cold motor actor Spice do e put an iPad.

  • We actually record what?

  • That actually looks like a Well, pull this out.

  • All right, Now I'm gonna plug this guy, squeeze hard each one of those impulses, right?

  • There are motor accident with spikes that are happening inside of your nerve right there.

  • That hits your motor fiber motor fiber sends up more actually.

  • Now, wait a little setup.

  • You can start doing something a little more complicated.

  • Joost, we're going to see if you can control his, because inside of his brain, he also he also has nerves come down before they actually interviewed his ranch.

  • It's even better.

  • Now we're gonna do is we're gonna take the, uh we're gonna hijack your brain's sense.

  • Where your arm down?

  • Was this this nerve?

  • That interview.

  • It's same fingers that he's moving up.

  • We're gonna tap in right there instead of your brains to this nerve interview's your hand.

  • His brain will send it through our device.

  • Amplified.

  • Stick it in here.

  • Ready?

  • Ready?

  • You're born.

  • Ready?

  • Here, Here.

  • I'm gonna tell you.

  • It's gonna feel weird at first when that happens, the first time to relax.

  • When you're ready, I want you to see him.

  • You feel it?

  • You feel it?

  • That was too much.

  • Too much to get away.

  • So I'm watching you.

  • Be a little more watching.

  • Look away right now.

  • Jonathan has got complete control over you.

  • Back your brains.

  • Control to muscles right now.

  • And you have lost your free will on that on that arm.

  • How did that part of that deal?

  • You know, it feels real.

  • You try to resistant.

  • All right.

  • I'm almost full.

  • If you lost, you lock your shocking each other for neuroscience.

So, how you guys feeling about this?


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TED2015。グレッグ・ゲイジが人間と人間のインターフェースを実演 (TED2015: Greg Gage demonstrates the Human-to-Human Interface)

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