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  • This is a 1912 Naval Observatory pocket watch.

  • Cool.

  • Made by Longines.

  • My dad said he won it in a poker game.

  • OK.

  • We actually get that a lot around here.

  • GREG: It's inscribed Navy on the back.

  • I'm assuming with the box that it's

  • in that it was probably made to be mounted

  • to the nightstand of a ship.

  • Hoping to get around 5,000 but I would

  • probably settle for 2,000.

  • Nice.

  • Longines have the oldest registered trademark

  • of a watch logo in the world.

  • That says a lot.

  • Sure.

  • They built the timing mechanism

  • for gymnastics in 1912.

  • OK.

  • And they did such a good job of it

  • that they used them for a bunch of years in the Olympics

  • and stuff like that.

  • Now if you think about the Navy, time of day

  • is really important. - Sure.

  • The US Naval Observatory is pretty bad ass.

  • They're responsible for the positioning,

  • navigation, and timing for the whole US military.

  • So any watch they issue would be pretty awesome.

  • So tell me, what do you know about the watch itself?

  • Really I don't know too much about it

  • other than it's never been mounted, never been refinished,

  • polished. It's all original.

  • The research I've done, it's designed

  • to be mounted down to a nightstand

  • of a captain or first mate.

  • OK.

  • You see that 800 right there?

  • 0.8000?

  • Yes.

  • That means this watch is 80% silver.

  • Nice.

  • Which would make sense for it being a Navy watch,

  • because silver doesn't really rust.

  • OK.

  • Now how much are you looking to get out of it?

  • - $5,000. - $5,000?

  • With the boxes, yes.

  • We're a little high.

  • I have to tell you the boxes definitely make it gold,

  • but I'm going to have to make the assumption though

  • that this watch was a marketing ploy.

  • I mean, anything that time was really important to,

  • Longines wanted to stamp their name on.

  • If it was a Navy watch, it would be a lot more intricate.

  • It has a wind indicator and it has a second hand.

  • The railroad watches were more intricate than this.

  • - You think so? - Absolutely.

  • The Navy would need something a little bit more

  • advanced than that.

  • I'd offer you 2,500 bucks for it.

  • That's a little light.

  • I could do 3,500.

  • As time goes on, this name is getting

  • more and more forgotten with the worse

  • and worse stuff they put out.

  • I'll go 3,000 bucks on it.

  • That's the best I can do.

  • It really is.

  • [music playing]

  • - I can do three grand. - Three grand?

  • - Yeah. - All right.

  • Deal. - All right.

  • Cool.

  • Why don't you leave it here and I'll meet you

  • over there to write it up now.

  • I don't know if it was some marketing ploy,

  • but he knows more than I do about the watch.

  • So I think it was a fair price.

  • Hopefully we can do some good with that.

This is a 1912 Naval Observatory pocket watch.


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