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  • way tend to think that the future is in the hands of scientists and doctors with white coats and secret labs.

  • But what if it is born here?

  • In a village in rural Rwanda, Baby has just emerged screaming and mother collapses, exhausted and in need of a blood transfusion.

  • In 2015 an unprecedented four way partnership occurred on a global logistics company.

  • An international health organization, A tech startup in a national government banded together to design and implement the world's first drone based medical delivery system.

  • As we speak, that drone is being loaded with the mother's blood type and launched into the air straight as an arrow flies over normal traffic, impassable dirt roads, jungle and mountains once above the village uses GPS to precision drop its precious cargo within 30 minutes of the call in time.

  • To save the mother's life by leveraging ups is no help.

  • Garvey's medical expertise, the Rwandan government's commitment and Zip Line's ingenious drone based delivery service program, is already delivering on its promise on track to save countless lives a year.

  • And that's just the beginning.

  • Soon these drones could be delivering vaccines, anti venoms and other critical and life saving medicines.

  • Collaboration and commitment means that it's conceivable that a developing country could one day leapfrog the rest of the world, becoming a world leader on demand.

  • Logistics as growing populations further tax are aging infrastructures, environment.

  • Increasingly looking to the future will mean looking to the skies.

  • It means Rwanda could be exporting to places with us for emergency supplies.

  • Still can't get to where they need to be in time to save lives.

  • What if we could do even more?

  • What if we imagined how we could help the least connected most at risk?

  • What if that was the key to a better future for all of us?

  • No single person organization, even nation holds a monopoly on the future.

  • The future is created when in need is answered.

way tend to think that the future is in the hands of scientists and doctors with white coats and secret labs.


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ジップライン。ヘルスケア・ロジスティクスの未来|TED Institute (Zipline: The future of healthcare logistics | TED Institute)

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