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  • [music playing]

  • What happens to us after we die?

  • Do our memories or our personalities,

  • everything that makes us who we are--

  • does it all just disappear?

  • Or do we have a consciousness, a soul that lives on?

  • Well, that is what we'll try and find out.

  • [music playing]

  • WILLIAM SHATNER: Richmond, Virginia, September 5th, 2005--

  • David Schwartz goes to the hospital

  • to be treated for what he believes

  • is a nagging ear infection.

  • But in fact, his illness is much, much worse.

  • DAVID SCHWARTZ: I checked myself into the emergency room.

  • That was Monday afternoon.

  • And by Tuesday afternoon, I was in a coma.

  • My kidneys were shut down.

  • All of my organs were failing.

  • And the blood flow was lost to my brain stem

  • as well, which would have meant brain death.

  • They told my mom and my dad that, really,

  • that I had a limited amount of time left.

  • WILLIAM SHATNER: With their son facing certain death

  • due to kidney failure, David's parents were willing to try

  • anything that might help him.

  • So they reached out to Scarlett Heinbuch, a woman who

  • after having a near-death experience in childhood

  • claimed to be gifted with incredible healing powers.

  • SCARLETT HEINBUCH: When I walked in David's hospital room

  • for the first time, I knew he was near death.

  • He was unconscious, and I took his hand.

  • And I was standing right by his bedside when, all of a sudden,

  • I was out of my body in another realm.

  • He was hovering there, and there was the soul connection.

  • And I felt him with every fiber of my being,

  • and he made a decision at that point to come back.

  • DAVID SCHWARTZ: When I first awoke and saw Scarlett,

  • I had the sense that I knew who she was

  • and I knew everything about her.

  • SCARLETT HEINBUCH: David looked up at me.

  • And all of a sudden, the next thing I was aware of

  • was that I was seeing four beings.

  • They were tall, and they were colored blue.

  • I saw them manifesting a set of kidneys, if you will.

  • I saw the kidneys being dropped into his body.

  • David's recovery after that was so stunning

  • that the doctors and nurses at this hospital

  • called him "miracle boy."

  • DAVID SCHWARTZ: When I came out of the coma,

  • it was absolutely because we had an experience.

  • I don't know what happened there.

  • But I do know that it happened, because the doctors told me

  • that they didn't have an explanation

  • as to why I was making the recovery that I was making.

  • WILLIAM SHATNER: Today, David Schwartz

  • has two fully functioning kidneys,

  • and both he and Scarlett Heinbuch

  • have no doubt in their minds that it

  • was the powerful connection between their souls

  • that saved David's life.

[music playing]


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