IPA [ˈtɛndɚ] KK [ˋtɛndɚ]



鋼鉄の涙 (Tears of Steel - Blender Foundation's fourth short Open Movie)

鋼鉄の涙 (Tears of Steel - Blender Foundation's fourth short Open Movie) Image 12:15
  1. be tender to her.

  2. be honest! eh- be tender.

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オーストラリア英語とアメリカ英語 Australian English

オーストラリア英語とアメリカ英語 Australian English Image 04:05
  1. (if that even makes any sense) and the other person is charles, tender charles who is in canada.

    (もし意味が通じたら)そして、もう一人はCharlesで、カナダのTender Charlesです。
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鰻丼の作り方 (How to Make Hitsumabushi)

鰻丼の作り方 (How to Make Hitsumabushi) Image 05:48
  1. coating with sake will make the unagi tender.

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和風焼き肉ラーメンの作り方 (Yakibuta Ramen)

和風焼き肉ラーメンの作り方 (Yakibuta Ramen) Image 07:10
  1. but the combination of the tender pork ribs and savory broth is absolutely delicious!

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キズネ寿司の作り方 (How to Make Inarizushi)

キズネ寿司の作り方 (How to Make Inarizushi) Image 08:34
  1. tender and juicy with the tasty dashi stock,

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和風つけ麺の作り方 (How to Make Tsukemen)

和風つけ麺の作り方 (How to Make Tsukemen) Image 05:49
  1. so that it will remain tender and savory.

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ビーフステーキ丼の作り方 (Beef Steak Donburi)

ビーフステーキ丼の作り方 (Beef Steak Donburi) Image 05:15
  1. cook the steak medium so that the beef is tender and the pink cuts are visually appealing.

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冷や汁の作り方 (How to Make Hiyajiru)

冷や汁の作り方 (How to Make Hiyajiru) Image 06:06
  1. this will remove the fishy smell and keep the fish tender and juicy.

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豚肉の生姜焼き (How to Make Pork Shogayaki)

豚肉の生姜焼き (How to Make Pork Shogayaki) Image 04:44
  1. a tip to make juicy and tender shogayaki is to fry the pork slices in a short time.

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豚の角煮の作り方 (How to Make Pork Kakuni)

豚の角煮の作り方 (How to Make Pork Kakuni) Image 07:59
  1. pierce the pork with a bamboo stick and check if the inside is tender.

  2. a tip to make delicious tender kakuni is to select a good pork belly

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肉豆腐 作り方レシピ (Sukiyaki-style Niku Dofu Recipe)

肉豆腐 作り方レシピ (Sukiyaki-style Niku Dofu Recipe) Image 04:24
  1. tender beef with a little fat will make this recipe more delicious.

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  1. A goaltender of the hockey descent.
    The tender made a flashy glove save on the opposing team's penalty shot.
  2. ADJ. Used to descibe a female who is very good looking in that innocent way. Side Note: In sign language tender is expressed by the pinching of the thumb and forefinger together.
    That girl is TENDER!
  3. Used to described something cool.
  4. Being so [high], or [stoned] that you forget your name, date of birth, or your friends name... all that you can say is [dude] and laugh. Also, the state of complete lostness and bliss.
    Dude... i'm fuckin tender. Activities to do while tender are [munchin'], [creepin'], and [sleepin']
  5. Young, innocent girl
    "I'll give you ten dollars and you can be my tender."
  6. The word Tender is used to describe a person that is being a complete Pussy. Warning.. Tenderness may lead to [Vaginosis] if not addressed immediately.
    Harold: Hey, want to play paintball after school? Mike: Nah paintball hurts. Harold: Dude stop being so Tender...
  7. primarily used in utah. its when two people do the following: kiss, hold hands, hug, and flirt. something said or done, lovingly or affectionately.
    girl 1: "omg! you were totally being tender with him!!" girl 2: "i know!! it was so exciting. that means he likes me, riht?" girl 1: "yes! i could feel the tenderness in the air!!!"