IPA [ʃʌnt] KK [ʃʌnt]


  1. A vagina that is wider than it is deep. Comes from "Shallow Cunt."
    "That ho had a shunt like a petrie dish!"
  2. The original meaning referred to the act or process of turning aside or moving to an alternate course. A railroad switch or a low-resistance connection between two points in an electric circuit that forms an alternative path for a portion of the current. Also called bypass and with medicine, a passage between two natural body channels, such as blood vessels, especially one created surgically to divert or permit flow from one pathway or region to another; a bypass. Over time the meaning has evolved and is now a popular slang term.. A term used to shorten the title "[Shit] [cunt]".. Also can be used as another form of telling someone to "Shut up cunt".
    You're such a shunt! Shunt up!
  3. An abbreviation of [shit cunt].
    "Limit of Shunt" "You Shunt!"
  4. The act of shitting a cunt
    That finale was so epic, I shunt myself.
  5. A shit hunt. When in the wilderness, ie. on a camping trip, often a lack of anything better to do leads us to such activities as searching for each others' shit in the woods. The success of a shunt depends on the number of shits found, as well as the overall size of said shits. Shunting can be a solitary or group activity; when shunting in groups, a point system may be developed that awards more points for larger shits. Animal shit is counted using the same point system, ie. rabbit shit will count for less points than human shit whereas bear shit will count for more. Don't forget to mark the shit you find in your own special way so that everyone will know you found it first!
    I totally owned in that last shunt. Ed shat a friggen log and I was the first to find it!
  6. To push or shove out of the way, usually by force. Also, to forcefully prevent movement, usually from above or in front. Possible to completely reverse movement. Usually ends up having the person or object falling a distance.
    When Mario attempts to jump from platform to platform, and suddenly hits an invisible block from below, and then falling to his death, It is called being "shunted."
  7. 1) The act of excreting fecal matter into the cuntal region. 2) The penetration by a solid waste matter into the cylindrical folds of a female or post-op transexual.
    Shunt: The colon penetration of the vaginal region.
  8. 1. to perform rear-entry sex involving variable surface heights and limited lateral space, e.g. a stairwell 2. to modify the sex act so as to compensate for said limited space, e.g. shunting to the arm of a couch
    "the couch was too narrow so we shunted off the side a little" "this chick's shunting zone was so smooth i kept falling down a step" "shit was crazy up in that piece, me and jamal ended up shunting in the stairwell"
  9. The act of punting a shart after it has rolled out of your pant leg.
    Dude I just sharted lets see how far I can shunt it.
  10. The revolting result of a girl's choice to whipe her ass from the front, dragging mad doo-doo across her cunt, which inevitably gets lodged in the folds, leaving doo-doo butter and the occasional peanut for unsuspecting guys to deal with.
    After buying the chick like seven drinks, I get her home only to discover she was dragging a shunt around under that skirt all night--I did her anyway.