IPA [ˈmʌfɪn] KK [ˋmʌfɪn]



夏に使えるライフハック10選!(10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer!)

夏に使えるライフハック10選!(10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer!) Image 04:33
  1. using them take forever. solve the problem with a muffin pan. this way your condiments

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【TED-Ed】How computers translate human language - Ioannis Papachimonas

【TED-Ed】How computers translate human language - Ioannis Papachimonas Image 04:45
  1. such as the word muffin

  2. while in others, doing so could make the muffin eat the child.

    入れ替えると「マフィンが子どもを食べる」に なってしまう言語もあります
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200カロリーは実際どのくらいなのか? (This Is 200 Calories)

200カロリーは実際どのくらいなのか? (This Is 200 Calories) Image 03:09
  1. or that muffin you ate as a snack, chances are its calorie content is higher than you thought

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[字幕:歌詞・和訳] ポーカーフェイス/レディガガ(Poker Face / Lady Gaga [Lyrics, Slowed])

[字幕:歌詞・和訳] ポーカーフェイス/レディガガ(Poker Face / Lady Gaga [Lyrics, Slowed]) Image 04:30
  1. cause i'm bluffin' with my muffin

    Cause I'm bluffin' with my muffin :私のケーキを使って はったりをかけてるんだから
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It's Muffin Time! (Song with samples from asdfmovie8) - Roomie

It's Muffin Time! (Song with samples from asdfmovie8) - Roomie Image 01:41
  1. it's muffin time!

  2. it's muffin time

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  1. A girls vagina - Many different kinds like blueberry (shaved), buttered (with cum), and many more.
    Hey baby, can I butter your muffin?
  2. One of the greatest words on the planet. This word can be used for anythin (see example)
    Insult: "You Stupid muffin" Compliment: "Hey, Nice muffins" Self Respect: "I am the muffin king" Insult Yourself: "I am the worlds biggest muffin"
  3. a delicious and fluffy treat that comes in many flavours
    dutch chocolate muffin
  4. A really good bakery item-thing. This is probally the only definition for a edible muffin. (Don't you dare say pussy!) I like to paint muffins.
    I was a muffin for Halloween, and some crazy old guy tried to eat me.
  5. A sympathetic name for someone.
    "Aww is muffin sad?"
  6. A game consisting of a group of guys circle jerking onto a muffin which is located in the center of said circle jerk. Players compete by jerking their member until they ejaculate their "frosting" on the muffin. The last jerker to frost the muffin receives the pleasure of eating said muffin, along with all its frosty goodness.
    Tom: I'm bored Kyle: I have an idea! lets play muffin!!! Grant: Absolutely!
  7. Delicious personal cakes. They come in many flavors like blueberry and chocolate!
    Muffins are good. I ate one.
  8. Can be used after swear words to make them less severe. The seriousness of the explietive and the sheer niceness of the word "muffin" cancel each other out, and the recipient of the full phrase will know that the explietive is not being used entirely seriously.
    You just ate the last ice cream, you complete and utter cuntmuffin!
  9. a delicious but awkwardly naked [cupcake]. [muffins] usually try to make up for their embarrassing lack of frosting by being filled with yummy treats like chocolate chips or blueberries. when eating a muffin, do not comment on the lack of frosting, for muffins tend to be self-conscious about this.
    "I wish this [muffin] had frosting!" "Shhh! You're hurting it's feelings!"
  10. the cutest most adorable huggable squeeshable thing ever. can refer to puppies, boyfriends, best friends, etc...
    mario is such a muffin!