IPA [hæk] KK [hæk]


(おのなどで乱暴にまたは乱雑に)たたき切る, ぶった切る, 切り刻む, めった切りにする

【TED】ダニエル・ピンク: やる気に関する驚きの科学 (The puzzle of motivation | Dan Pink)

【TED】ダニエル・ピンク: やる気に関する驚きの科学 (The puzzle of motivation | Dan Pink) Image 18:37
  1. a cool patch for code, come up with an elegant hack.

    コードを継ぎ接ぎしたり エレガントなハックをしたりします
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赤ちゃんに名前をつけよう (Baby Names (Whitney Avalon))

赤ちゃんに名前をつけよう (Baby Names (Whitney Avalon)) Image 01:59
  1. dental plaque, asthma attacked hack. ha!

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ハッカー映画-アルゴリズム (Brian May - Classic Rock Interview - Part 2)

ハッカー映画-アルゴリズム (Brian May - Classic Rock Interview - Part 2) Image 03:35
  1. why would i hack all these computers...

  2. socially promoted bastions of free information to hack.

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  1. a person who is a professional at doing some sort of service, but does crappy work.
    man, that tattoo shop is full of hacks. kyle from scv is a hack at installing stereo equipment.
  2. a clever solution to a tricky problem
    to hack is to mod or change something in an extrodinary way
  3. All the definitions here plus: As an acronymn for Horses Ass Carrying Keys. Prison slang referring to a prison guard.
    Put your pig sticker away. The HACK is coming!
  4. A political appointed flunky who either doesn't want to work or who is so stupid they can't work
    That new Assistant Commissioner Martha appointed is a real hack.
  5. A taxi driver in any city, not necessarily New York. In NYC, hack can also refer to a livery cab driver (cabs that drive in bad neighborhoods where taxis usually don't).
    The TV show Hack takes place in Philadelphia.
  6. A popular way to catch a ride in more so the NorthEastern side of the nation, in large innercities of high concentration. The person usually stands on the road and says something to the effect "Yo, you got me on a hack, 'round there to a nearby location?" to the driver of the car. If accepted the driver becomes a temporary cab driver, and usually the hackee is suppposed to give directions, although they are usually trying to be cool, and just point like some dumbasses. At the completion you give the driver like a small bill like a $5 or $10. As I said popular in the New York, Philidelphia, and Baltimore regions of innercities. No offense but usally ghettos.
    Yo, let me get a hack. Where ya goin? Up da block. A'ight. You gotta gimme Seven tho'. I need me a sandwhich bra' Aigh't
  7. An event that is unexpected and favors a particular person especially in competetion. Also, when some one uses a video game glitch, expolit or trainer to give them an advatage
    i won a million dollars in the lotto hacks (in video games) he is shooting backwards hacks
  8. 1.) Short name used for "hacky sack" 2.) The goal achieved when every player within a "hack circle" kicks the hacky sack at least once without letting it touch the ground. 3.) Someone who copies, mimics, or deliberately impersonates other people, or other peoples accomplishments in search of praise. 4.) To infiltrate, destroy, reconfigure, or violate any sort of computer program, website, etc. through use of coding. 5.) To stab, slash, cut, lacerate, etc. repetitively until the object or objects are in multiple pieces.
    1.) "Dude, pass me the hack." 2.) "JOHN YOU SUCK!! We almost had a hack!" 3.) "Man...Jimmy is such a hack." 4.) "I'm gonna hack the hell out of that site." 5.) "Whoah, he hacked that thing to hell."
  9. Someone in the film industry, usually a director, who works on projects solely for financial reasons, rather than creative reasons. It is not about a filmmaker who is simply bad. That is a common misconception.
    Jon Peters is such a hack, all he cares about making the film marketable, and not about the characters.
  10. In Northern Irish slang: n. "The hack of...": "the sorry state of...". v. To cope with.
    n. Have ye seen the hack of this gobshite? v. Janty, I can't hack this no more. My feet hurt.