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Keshe財団-紹介 (Keshe Foundation - INTRODUCTION - Collaborative Translations 11 languages)

Keshe財団-紹介 (Keshe Foundation - INTRODUCTION -  Collaborative Translations 11 languages) Image 01:50:51
  1. to commit the most horrendous crime, which is dilute your body

    あなたの体を希釈している最も恐ろしい犯罪をコミットする フィールド内。私が言ったように
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イエス (JESUS (English))

イエス (JESUS (English)) Image 02:07:54
  1. do not commit adultery,

    姦淫を犯すな 殺すな 偽証をするな
  2. do not commit murder, do not accuse anyone falsely.

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GitHubとGitの基礎-3.設定 (Config • GitHub & Git Foundations)

GitHubとGitの基礎-3.設定 (Config • GitHub & Git Foundations) Image 02:48
  1. that line, that branch, or that commit.

    行 ブランチ コミットの状態を 表現できます
  2. git commit -m them in a message below.

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  1. (v) to kill oneself. typically specific to suicidal feelings when lagging on tinychat
    Jess: Am I layging? I'm layging, you guys, I'm gonna commit!
  2. to kill yourself (suicide)
    "I can't believe i beat it with that nasty chick" "Yeah yo, you should commit"
  3. Verb Used to show ones anger towards another person(s) References "Go Commit Suicide" Can also be used with the word "Go" as in "Go Commit"
    Sam: "Hey Jake, wanna chill?" Jake: "Sorry I can't. Im going to the game and i already gave my extra ticket away." Sam: "Commit, you bastard."
  4. com·mit [kuh-mit] –verb (used with object) To masturbate to a movie not intended for the aforementioned purpose.
    Sure, it was all fun and games at first...but when we caught Ben renting "[The Parent Trap]" we knew he had a problem. I was gonna commit to that cute CNN anchor this morning, but that story about teen obesity was major buzzkill.
  5. Inflected Form(s): com·mit·ted; com·mit·ting 1 a: to put into charge or trust : entrust b: to place in a prison or mental institution c: to consign or record for preservation <commit it to memory> d: to put into a place for disposal or safekeeping 2: to carry into action deliberately : perpetrate <commit a crime> 3 a: obligate, bind
    If you are committed to correct spelling, you will remember that this word doubles its final [t] from "commit" to "committed."
  6. to place oneself in extreme circumstances to complete a ridicolously loose task
    masslad1- im going to commit the bilshwang while riding my tricycle backwards down the hill while balancing on my head masslad2- woooow looooose i cant beleive u are going to commit that example2- COMMMITING THE SHwwAAAAAAANNNNNgggggggggggg